Your Ultimate Renting Guide

Are you one of over a hundred million people in the US who rent a home?

With the prices of houses increasing every year, it’s no wonder that people are renting. When choosing the right rental home, there are many factors to consider, from your budget to your needs.

Are you looking to rent a house or an apartment soon? Then you’re in luck. Continue reading for this ultimate renting guide for everything you need to know.

Know Your Budget

Moving places and living in a rental home is a big change. Reading up on rental guides is a good first step, but knowing your budget is a close second. Figuring out how much of your income you can afford to pay sets the range of options for rental homes to look at.

Know Your Ideal Place

The next step is knowing your ideal place to live in. A rental house may have different amenities, such as a gym or swimming pool. Here are some things to consider when thinking about your rental place.


The amount of space you need is a big factor in choosing a rental home. Are you a single person or a growing family? Different rental houses come in different sizes and have different numbers of rooms.

A studio unit, for instance, might be perfect for a single person but not a family of four. Answer this in an honest way and be practical on what is within your budget. If you are moving into a bigger space, know that it will also increase your utility costs, so make sure to budget this.


Location is also a big determining factor in choosing a rental house. A great renting tip is to choose a rental home in a prime or central location. A prime location is a rental home near essential places like groceries, work, and schools.

Having a rental house near places you go to every day can save you time and transportation costs. A central location is also ideal as it offers more convenience. Keep in mind that areas within these locations are often priced higher.

Where to Look

Many websites focus on showcasing a rental house. Before renting a place, it is best to make sure to set a house visit, so you get to see the rental house in person. While deals posted on Craigslist can be cheaper, they can be unsafe.

Opt for reputable sites like that are safe and have proper accreditations. What’s great about this is that the rental houses like this are often near many amenities and malls. Paddy O’s provides amenities, high-speed internet, modern appliances, and air conditioning.

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This is only one renting guide out of the many you can find online. Now that you’ve read our renting guide, you are sure to find the right rental home for you.

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