With the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian burger options, where can you find the best alternative burger options?

In 2019, research conducted by Roy Morgan found that the trend in vegetarian eating is continuing to grow, with almost 2.5million Australians now choosing to avoid eating meat. This is around 12.1% of the Australian population, which is reflective of the increasing shift towards plant- based diets across the country.

The number of vegans however is uncertain.Vegan Australia estimates that there are about 400,000 – 500,000 of them across the country. The rise in veganism within Australia is being largely driven by innovation within the food industry.

Since vegan food products and vegan food alternatives are now much more accessible and varied, many more people are turning to veganism. Vegan items have also continually improved in taste and quality with vegan alternatives to popular meat and dairy products, especially burgers, continuously being launched at some of the most popular food chains throughout the country, such as McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and Grill’d. Since burgers are one of the most popular comfort foods throughout Australia, it is no surprise that food businesses are expanding their burger options to include plant-based options.

As a result of this many other smaller burger chains have been embracing the new plant-based trends in order to be able to cater to every customer that walks through the door. So, with this comes a rise in the number of vegan and vegetarian burger options. However, with so many options out there how are you going to know what burgers are the best meat alternatives?

Australian owned burger chain Milky Lane is one of the top chains for amazing plant-based options. Milky Lane only use the freshest and best quality ingredient, handpicked by their suppliers to provide to their stores across the country. They understand that there is no substitute for quality, and this is why their burgers are the best. With their delicious vegan side options and their burger ‘The Drake’, that contains their delicious grilled plant based ‘veef’ Pattie, a favourite for any plant-based eater!

If that doesn’t make you crave a plant-based burger, we don’t know what will! So now the question is, where do I find these? Well Milky Lane have 8 restaurant locations across Australia. These include Bondi, Parramatta, Cronulla, Crows Nest, Newcastle, Surfers Paradise, Newstead and Canberra. So, if you are planning on heading to a Milky Lane restaurant to dine in, you will also soon discover that Milky Lane are more than just burgers.

Their dine-in experience is unlike any others. The Milky Lane experience is different at every location, because every location has a range of different hip-hop and R&B inspired murals painted on the walls across the restaurant. Also, their extensive range of side dishes, cocktails, desserts, and other range of non-plant-based burgers are exceptional. So, if you are looking for one of the best plant-based burger alternatives, as well as an incredible restaurant experience, then you better head to Milky Lane.