Why is No Cost EMI trending while online shopping?

With retailers offering a number of exciting deals on products ranging from smartphones to televisions, everyone wants to buy something or the other. The biggest concern before making a large purchase is the availability of funds. However, the evolution of the financial sector in India has opened up various avenues for consumers to access capital. No-cost EMI has emerged as one of the most popular options for buying products online.  

What is no-cost EMI?

Before using the no-cost EMI option, it is important to understand the no cost EMI meaning. The system of buying a product and paying its cost in equal monthly instalments has become common. But the lenders generally charge an interest amount for providing the service. The interest cost can add up to a substantial amount over the tenure of the financing. No-cost EMI financing works similarly, but offers a significant advantage over basic EMI financing. In the case of no-cost EMI, one gets a discount equal to the interest cost of the financing as lenders are not allowed to offer zero interest loans in India. To make a loan zero cost for the borrowers, lenders and merchants provide a discount equal to the interest cost, essentially making the loan a no-cost EMI. Besides the zero cost of financing, opting for no-cost EMI option also helps in getting better deals online. Generally, the best deals and the biggest discounts are reserved for no-cost EMI options. Additionally, one does not have to commit a large amount at once which can be used for other purposes. 

How to avail no-cost EMI?

When opting for no-cost EMI options, it is important to choose a reliable and credible lender. One can easily avail no-cost EMI by applying for a Bajaj EMI Card. A Bajaj EMI Card is a digital payment method that helps you convert the cost price of various products into easy monthly instalments. Even though it sounds like a credit card, it is a completely different payment method and allows you to avail EMI without a credit card. Some of the advantages of the EMI card from Bajaj are easy processing, low cost, exciting offers and a pre-approved loan. 

Pre-approved loan: The Bajaj EMI card comes with a pre-approved loan of up to Rs 1.5 lakh that can be used to make large purchases. 

Flexible repayment: The repayment schedule of most loans are fixed and the borrower does not have many options. With the Bajaj EMI card, you can customise the repayment tenure and shop online without any stress. 

Exciting offers: The Bajaj Finance Card offers a wide variety of offers and discounts on thousands of products. Moreover, there is no foreclosure fee charged from the buyer. 

No credit card needed: Generally, retailers ask for a credit card to offer no-cost EMI. However, with an EMI card you can get no-cost EMI without a credit card. 


When you apply for an EMI card, you just don’t choose easy financing options, but also opens the door to exciting offers. The Bajaj Finance Card can be used to buy over a million products through 84,200 Bajaj Finserv partner stores across 1300 cities in India. The EMI card can also be used to make purchases through major online portals like Amazon, Flipkart and Pepperfry.