Why Eloping or Having a Small Wedding in Houston, TX is so Special?

While big extravagant weddings are remembered forever, intimate weddings or eloping are equally special. Small weddings may seem unplanned but with the right settings, a beautiful wedding can be panned out. Houston is known for its rustic landscapes and mesmerizing skylines. The place also offers multiple options for couples to choose from when they decide to elope. Couples decide to elope for various reasons and currently, the two main reasons are COVID-19 and stress. 

Here are some tips for eloping in Houston and what is so special:

Wide Range of Locations: Weddings are a billion-dollar industry that has been hard hit by the pandemic. In these hard times where it seems difficult to stay optimistic, couples are finding budget-friendly and stress-free options for a beautiful wedding. A major cut down in weddings is the guest list due to high safety reasons. Eloping seems like a logical way to go and Huston provides couples with a variety of locations. These locations offer couples last-minute wedding detailing and planning. Couples can invite close friends and family to a part of their small wedding. 

Meaningful Ceremony: A small and intimate wedding makes room for couples to enjoy a meaningful ceremony. Having a large wedding is tiresome which leaves newlyweds exhausted. By the end of the reception, there isn’t much time left to meet and greet every guest. Houston’s large landscapes offer options for both large and small weddings. The benefit of small weddings is giving time for everyone to relax, get enough pictures, and enjoy each other’s company. It is tremendous how much can be done in a limited-budget wedding. Venues that offer an eloping package usually cover all the necessary aspects of a wedding. 

Micro Weddings: The first to plan an intimate wedding is to decide between eloping and a small wedding. A small wedding consists of all the elements that are present in a traditional wedding. Some vendors offer pocket-friendly packages that make your wedding day just spectacular. By saving on a large wedding, couples can splurge on a lavish honeymoon and or a grand reception. Houston is the perfect place for couples who want to elope or have a small wedding. Eloping gives you the option to choose your location and make the ceremony as private as possible. 

In Conclusion

COVID-19 is not making life any easier and being able to celebrate your special day in these hard times is a challenge. Eloping and small weddings relieve you from the hassle and stress of a large wedding. Couples can enjoy their intimate day and later throw a large reception for friends and family who were not part of the ceremony. 

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