Which Software Platforms Would Benefit Your Brand?

Building a brand and improving its value and name recognition can be difficult, especially in competitive industries. However, companies and individuals have plenty of tools available to them if they want to find proactive solutions. Quality software has always been a part of successful business enterprises, including brand-building, but it can be tough to find the programs that are best suited to addressing your unique needs. Not only that, but training your employees to use new systems and programs can take an investment of both time and money for your company. Still, it’s often a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons. If you’re a business owner or in a position to be responsible for growing a brand, keep reading to learn more about some software programs that may benefit you.

What software can help my business communicate?

Any business that handles a large volume of incoming phone traffic should consider virtual contact center software. A contact center is essential for almost all customer-facing businesses that deal with frequent inquiries or that address customer service issues in-house. However, setting up and managing the expenses of a traditional contact center can be cumbersome, and a virtual contact center can provide benefits for both businesses and employees.

Newsletters are a useful way for your brand to stay in touch with customers and generate repeat business by offering benefits like customer loyalty programs and discount codes. There are a few different options for software that can create and distribute newsletters, though MailChimp is widely used in a variety of industries. TinyLetter is another option, though it is best suited for smaller personal projects.

Social media engagement is also increasingly important for businesses and brands of all kinds. Social media management software like Sprout and Hootsuite is becoming widely adopted by both individuals looking to build their personal brand and companies that want to develop a larger audience online.

Are there software-based solutions for managing equipment and inventory?

If your company has a lot of equipment to manage, especially if it has to be frequently used by different employees, look into Cheqroom. It enables you to tag each individual piece of equipment, allow employees to check it out, and track it while the equipment is in use. You can even set up a schedule and allow equipment to be booked or reserved in advance. Best of all, your data and system management tools are easily accessible through a convenient mobile app.

Retail businesses often struggle to find the best solutions for inventory management and restocking, but there are software programs that can help. The best software programs will do more than just inform you of stock levels, it can also track costs and deliveries, and even your cash register transactions through a point-of-sale (POS) system. Oracle and Acumatica are two of the most popular options that can deliver industry-standard services for a variety of businesses of any size.

You may be surprised by the range of issues your brand can solve with software-based solutions. Not only can investing in relevant and effective software identify problems and help solve them more rapidly, but you can also use programs designed to facilitate better communication to improve your relationships with your customers, fans, and supporters. Software can eliminate the need for manual labor in certain circumstances too, especially when handling inventory management. It’s worth it to talk to an expert who can make useful recommendations if you aren’t aware of what your best options are for investing in your brand or business. Software programs can help you cut costs, increase your profitability, and overall improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.