When Should I Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery?

 Hair transplant surgery is an elective procedure for which you need to plan and prepare your mind and is not dealt in emergency. Hair transplant were earlier not that adopted because of certain flaws and unnatural looking results. But with advancements the PROCEDURE has gradually became the treatment of choice for treating hair loss issue. 

With changing environment and lifestyle the hair loss prevalence had increased a lot which has made these hair loss treatments more popular.  Hair transplant among them is considered as the best and ultimate option to treat hair loss. 

The hair transplant procedures are performed by extracting the hair grafts from the donor specific areas which possesses permanent hair roots that are then transplanted at the desired bald area. The procedure involves the harvesting of your own hair follicles especially from the back and sides of the head or from other body parts to provide the appropriate coverage of the bald areas. 

Hair transplant in Jaipur has become widely popular as the city is preferred for hair transplant tourism by the people from all around the globe. In Jaipur there are few of the very reputed hair transplant surgeons practising those who have engraved their names under the list of world’s best hair transplant surgeons. Including, the hair transplant cost in Jaipur has become very affordable which is cherry on top for the hair loss sufferers. 

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur is among the leading hair transplant clinics in India well known for their excellence in hair transplant outcomes. We are top tiered hair transplant clinic providing you the excellent facilities and maintain international standards for your best experience of hair transplant. Dr Suneet Soni is one of the finest hair transplant surgeons whose skills and artistic sense has made him fortunate to excel in the field of hair transplant. His interest in research work keeps him updated with all the latest technology and techniques upcoming in the field of hair transplant which he adopts in the best interest of his patients. 

Most of the patients have this query that when should they choose hair transplant as the option to treat hair loss. Ideally, if you are facing heavy hair loss then you should straight away consult the doctor to rule out the cause of your hair loss. The hair transplant surgeon would clearly assess the situation keenly and then provide you the relevant information and solution for your hair loss. 

There are certain circumstances explained which assures you being the right candidate for hair transplant. 


  • When the medications are failed in your case: Medications are been tried to treat hair loss and are widely available at the pharmacy. Minoxidil and Finasteride are routinely used by the doctors to slower the progression of hair loss and for faster hair growth. These medications might be helpful in your case but the outcomes are questionable and might be temporary. Thus, if the results are not fruitful with medications in your case then hair transplant could be a feasible option to consider. 
  • When you are feasible to undergo the procedure: The hair transplant procedure is elective but not necessarily feasible in all the hair loss sufferers. For confirming the candidature you need to book for an appointment and consult the relevant hair transplant surgeon who will assess you thoroughly and confirm the feasibility for the procedure. If you are feasible for undergoing the hair transplant procedure then apparently you are the right candidate for hair transplant.


  1. When you are systemically healthy:  If you are facing hair loss and are otherwise healthy then you can surely undergo hair transplant if the candidature is confirmed. 
  2. When you aware of the realistic expectations from the procedure: Most of the patients over expect from the procedure and lands into disappointment thinking that they should have received the look which was before the hair loss scenario. Thus, it is wise for the hair transplant surgeon to explain the expectations from the procedure. If you are aware regarding the expectations of the procedure then you are ready to undergo hair transplant. 
  3. When you are willing to find a solution for your hair loss issue and electively decides to undergo the procedure: You should be mentally prepared to undergo hair transplant procedure if you are finding your hair loss daunting. So it is better to gain information about the procedure, consult the hair transplant surgeon and make up your mind to undergo the procedure.