When Injury or Death Occurs From Blow Out Tire Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly eighty thousand accidents result from a tire being blown out annually.

Of that number, more than ten thousand drivers, passengers, and sometimes pedestrians sustain traumas, and close to five hundred dies as a result of the injuries sustained.

A significant number of blowout tire accidents are caused by trucks. Truck companies are required to heed federal tire legislation defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in a bid to safeguard the trucks and other motorists.

If you have been hurt as a result of a popped tire accident, whether by a truck or other vehicle or maybe your loved one was fatally injured, contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible is essential, especially since it can become an intricate case.

Reasons For Tire Blowout 

When a vehicle tire blows out, the driver often loses control of it, and the vehicle can flip over, which has occurred in multiple cases.

Therefore, when a tire blowout occurs, the ensuing accident can lead to a series of collisions. Here are a few of the reasons that a driver may end up with a popped tire.

Low Inflation of Tires

When tires are not properly inflated, they reduce the adhesion between the steel cords and the rubber, causing too much heat to develop and the tire to blow instantly.

These are the leading causes of popped tire accidents.

Over-inflation of Tires

If you place too much air in the tire, it places additional pressure on all the tire components, especially while you drive, and will ultimately blow out.

Worn Tires

Frequently, trucking companies and drivers in general neglect to change their worn tires, which are ineffective in stopping a vehicle due to low threading, and accidents eventually occur.

Vehicle Overload

Federal laws stipulate that trucks with 18 wheels must carry a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds.

There are weight levels for other vehicles as well, but it is more stringent for truck operators.

Deteriorating Roads

Oftentimes, a blown-out tire may be caused by poor road conditions like potholes are cracks.

Sometimes the blowout does not occur immediately, which is why tires, especially on trucks, should be checked frequently.

Truck Tire Blowout Accident

Trucking entities must keep their vehicles’ tires in good condition. Truck tires have a release lever to prevent damage.

To determine whether a shortcoming caused your accident, a comprehensive analysis must be performed.

Accidents caused by truckers are often due to negligence but may also be caused by potholes or other road obstacles.

If there are potholes that cause a tire to pop, the trucker’s liability may be decreased if he did everything he could to fix the problem. Whoever is responsible for the road’s maintenance may be liable as well.

Car Tire Blowout Accident

Similar to trucks, cars might also have popped tires that lead to serious or even fatal accidents. On a daily basis, motor vehicles need regular servicing and new tires.

While many tires prove to last up to 60,000 miles, a consumer research report indicates that most tires last between 30,000 miles.

If not treated properly, they may show inconsistent wear or damage within a much shorter amount of time.

When anyone continues to drive on hazardous tires and causes an accident, they may be responsible for the damages that ensue.

However, if the tire is inadequate, the blame can be placed on the seller or manufacturer.

You would be best served by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney who will direct you through the damage compensation strategy to agree on who may be liable for your car popped tire accident.