What You Need To Know About Getting a Ride to the Airport

There are so many things to think about as you plan for your next commercial flight: what luggage to pack, which form of identification to bring, which airline to select. As you think through all of these issues, don’t forget to consider how you will get to the airport on the day of your trip. You may find it helpful to ask yourself a few questions to narrow down the many options available to you.

How Far Do You Live From the Airport?

There are many paid services that can pick you up at your house or another specified location and take you to the airport. If you live close to the airport, you could consider booking a ride service to come get you. Alternatively, it may be more cost-effective to look into Houston Airport transportation services if you do not live in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Buses, for example, may charge significantly lower fares than a taxi or similar services would, as buses can pick up several riders at a time. Be sure to verify that the service you choose operates at the time of day you will need to leave your home.

Is a Friend Available?

If a friend or family member is available the day of your trip, you may wish to ask them to drive you. Although this saves you money, it may also present quite an inconvenience to your driver if you live far away from the airport. Consider giving you friend some gas money or returning the favor the next time he or she flies.

How Long Will You Be Away?

Another important factor in determining the best means of transportation to the airport is the duration of your trip. If you will only be away for a day or two, you may choose to drive yourself to the airport. The benefit of driving yourself is that you will have a ride back to your home after your return flight that doesn’t require waiting at the curb of the airport terminal. Remember, however, that the nearby parking lots may charge steep daily fees and other lots require a bus service to get to the airport.

Navigating large airports and enduring long security checkpoint lines can make flying a bit of a hassle at times. Don’t let your commute to the airport add to your stress. Plan your ride ahead of time so you can be on schedule and within your budget as you check in for your flight.