What You Can Do To Celebrate Republic Day In A Patriotic Way?

Do you remember the good old days when we woke up in the morning on 26th January and set ourselves in front of the television screens to watch the Republic Day parade? Those were the moments we felt proud of being an Indian, and the goosebumps and happiness that we get just from watching the parade were just indescribable.

The parade is observed every year, but the fact is that we don’t have enough time now to live those moments of joy and pride. But this year, you can do many things to celebrate Republic Day in a patriotic way.

Well, you do not have to join the defence forces to be a patriotic one. There are so many other things you can do. So, here we are mentioning some things that we think will only do the good for our beloved country.

Plant As Many Trees As You Can 

Do you know what our real heroes do at the borders? They put their efforts and their lives just to protect the people of this country. But there is one more enemy which is producing more danger to everyone day by day. We are talking about pollution. Recent reports and news show that Delhi’s air quality is improving to ‘VERY POOR’. Don’t you think that it’s tragic news? You can put your efforts and your patriotism for the better of this country on Republic day by planting as many trees as you can. Trees are the only string weapon that can save us from pollution. You can gather your friends and look for the areas in your city with a low density of greenery. Contribute money and get all the necessary items required to plant trees.

Happiness For All – Celebrate With Those Who Are Alone

We celebrate Republic Day as a country and not as an individual. And so, everyone in the country should be happy from the heart and should feel pride on a special day. Some so many people are alone in this world. Some have lost their parents, and some old age people are left to die by their children. You can show your patriotism by sharing smiles with such people. Pay a visit to an orphanage or an old age home and celebrate the Republic Day there. You can have a buffet party which you can start by having a cake cutting ceremony. You can get a special cake delivered to the palace you visit through cake delivery in Faridabad or whichever city you belong to.

Change Your Lifestyle To Cope WIth Global Warming

What is the reason that we are facing issues of global warming? It’s because we’re living a lifestyle that puts a toll on the earth and our surroundings. We have air conditioners in our homes and offices, we use more and more motor vehicles to travel distances, we are using plastic made things, and there are so many such other things. We are not asking you to leave them all at once because it is not possible. All the things have become a part of our life, but we can start making changes in our lifestyle. Keep your air conditioners on 24-degree temperature, start using bicycles to travel shorter distances, incorporate carpooling in our lives, eliminate the use of plastic made things as much as we can, and start saving water whenever we can. These things are just another way of showing your patriotism towards your country.

So this Republic Day, have a celebration that benefits the country in some or the other way!