What to do with Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are harmful insects that can poison you and your household to live. No one is immune from meeting with these parasites. You can bring them with you from hotels, hospitals and trains, as well as from other establishments where there are a lot of people at night. Insects of this family belong to the category of synanthropic organisms, whose way of life is closely related to man and his housing.

How do you know if you have bedbugs?

A bug bite can be confused with mosquito or flea bites. They are activated at night and crawl out of their hiding places for a snack. Therefore, their bites, in the form of itchy red dots, will be an unpleasant surprise for you, which you will discover the next morning. Most often, pests leave their marks on the face, hands and neck – those areas that are not covered with pyjamas or blankets.

If you suspect parasites are already in the house, then first of all you need to check the bed linen. Reddish specks are a sure sign that malicious parasites have occupied your home. Carefully inspect the folds of linen, the folds of curtains, handcuffs and sheets, as well as the seams of your mattresses, sofas and upholstered furniture.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

If you notice at least one sign of the appearance of blood-sucking parasites, take action as soon as possible! The easiest way to eliminate pests is to update the wallpaper in the apartment, eliminate infected furniture and household items. Unfortunately, this method is not available to everyone. If it is not possible to eliminate infected household items, treat infected surfaces with chemicals.

In case it is not possible to order professional disinfection service Singapore,carefully prepare for the use of chemicals.

Please note, children and pets should not be near the treatment area, in order to avoid poisoning by toxic substances. Prepare reliable protection in advance – tight rubber gloves and a respirator mask.

How to prevent bedbugs from reappearing in the house?

To prevent re-infection of residential premises, there are several rules that must always be kept in mind. When buying used furniture and household supplies, check them carefully before bringing them into the house. Keep the house clean and tidy, wash bedspreads, carpets and curtains regularly. Periodically check the seams of mattresses and upholstered furniture, “bloodsuckers” are very fond of hidden corners.

Many species of insects, rodents and birds live near humans. Some of them are particularly dangerous creatures. They settle in people’s homes, thereby complicating our lives. You can’t destroy the pests on your own and they keep coming back? We advise you to call a reputed bed bug removal company as soon as possible, who will help you get rid of parasites, as well as exclude their recurrence. The specialists of disinfection service Singaporewill not only de-bug your apartment but also give you tips on how to prevent their growth in future.

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  1. Errors in the disinsection of premises

Preparation of premises for the removal of insects is a whole complex of works. With self-processing, due to ignorance of the rules, serious mistakes are made. Therefore, the right decision is to contact a renowned disinfection service Singapore!