What To Do When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility is a home for adults unable to live independently. It provides them with activities, socialization, and medical care. These homes can be costly, so it is essential to do your research. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you consider moving into an assisted living facility.


An assisted living facility can offer a variety of activities for residents. For example, the facility may have a poolside cookout with live music while serving snacks and drinks. Residents can also participate in dancing or attend an arts and crafts fair. Seniors can also invite their friends and family members to join them in these activities.

The activities calendar at an assisted living facility can be updated monthly. A prospective resident should ask the calendar to see what activities are available. Inquire about whether staff members actively recruit residents for these activities. Attending events and activities is a great way to learn about the community’s culture and how to get involved.


Location is critical when choosing an assisted living facility Missouri for an elderly loved one. You might want your loved one to be close to medical facilities and shopping or in a more rural setting. You may also want a facility that has plenty of greenery and activities. Some assisted living communities to have swimming pools and putting greens.

An assisted living facility should offer its residents a wide range of services and amenities. For example, many units will include cable television, a telephone, and a sink. Some teams will also have a cooking element. In addition, assisted living facilities may allow residents to self-administer medications, coordinate appointments with specialists, or provide home delivery of prescription medications. Many facilities offer different types and sizes of units, and single and double occupancy options may be available. Other amenities may include a 24-hour emergency response system and wheelchair access.


Costs of assisted living facilities vary widely, so it is essential to compare prices before you commit. Some facilities have a fixed monthly rate, while others charge more based on additional services. The base cost of an assisted living facility depends on factors like the number of rooms and the age of the building. For example, apartments with just one bedroom usually cost less than two-bedroom units. The cost of additional services is determined by the type of care needed.

A senior may prefer to live in an assisted living facility within their current zip code. This way, they don’t have to change their doctors, shopping habits, or routines. However, moving to a different town may significantly increase monthly care costs.

Health of Residents

The health of residents in an assisted living facility is an important issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only 5% of assisted living residents are in excellent health. The remaining 38% are in fair or poor health.

While there are differences between assisted living facilities, most provide a standard set of services for their residents. Resident in an assisted living facility typically has their room and access to common areas. However, some facilities offer additional services, usually on a “la carte.” Some assisted living facilities are part of more extensive facilities that include long-term care residences. Some residents may require long-term homes, mainly if their disease is advanced.