What to Do if You’re in a Car Accident: A Brief Guide

About six million car accidents occur across the US each year. Despite how common crashes are, many people don’t know what to do if they’re in a car accident. Do you?

Here are a few key steps you should follow the next time you’re in a crash. Completing these steps can help you gather evidence. Then, you can file a personal injury claim to recover your losses.

Discover what to do after a crash with these tips today.

Move Your Vehicle

You’ll likely feel disoriented and confused after you’re in a car accident. While that’s normal, it’s also important to remain calm and level-headed. Otherwise, anything you do or say after the crash can impact your future.

First, make sure it’s safe to operate your vehicle. If the car is leaking fluid or a tire was damaged, wait for the police to arrive.

Otherwise, move your car out of the way of incoming traffic as soon as possible. Be careful; you don’t want to cause another accident.

Don’t leave the scene of the crash until you get the all-clear from the police. Otherwise, you might get charged with a hit and run. Instead, remain near the crash site.

Call the Police

Some states legally require drivers to inform the police of a crash. After an accident, call the police and wait for them to arrive. The police will file an official report.

They’ll note any deaths, property damage, or injuries that occurred. They might also file a traffic citation.

Your lawyer will need the official police report to build your personal injury case.

Exchange Information 

While you wait for the police to arrive, avoid unnecessary small talk with the other parties involved. Don’t apologize or assign blame, either. Instead, use this time to gather evidence.

Exchange documents, including your driver’s license and insurance information.

Get the other driver’s name, phone number, address, and license plate information, too.

Document Everything

Before leaving the scene of the car accident, gather evidence for your case. First, note any witnesses. Ask if you can write down their contact information.

Take photo and video footage of all vehicles involved in the crash, too.

If you sustained accident injuries, visit a doctor right away. A professional medical assessment can help you build your case.

Call a Lawyer

Call a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accident cases. They can help you file your claim. With their help, you can fight for compensation to recover your losses.

You can browse this page to get started.

Keep track of all documents related to the case, including lost wages, medical bills, and repair expenses.

Make a Case: Follow These Steps After You’re in a Car Accident

It’s normal to feel disoriented after you’re in a car accident. Try to remember to complete these steps before leaving the scene of the crash. Following these steps can help you build your case.

Then, you can hire a lawyer to fight for the compensation you’re due.

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