What surfaces should be disinfected during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Industrial cleaning supplies are your ally during the COVID-19 pandemic. And this happens since you have to thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas in your facility. Doing so frequently decreases the chances of your employees getting sick. So, if you’re interested in what surfaces should be disinfected during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should keep reading this. You’ll learn how to keep your facility clean and safe.

Soft Surfaces

The first thing you need to do is focus on soft surfaces. These include carpers, rugs, and drapes. Using industrial cleaning supplies to manage soft surfaces will help you ensure all bacteria and germs are removed.

All those surfaces must be cleaned with professional cleaning products containing soap, detergent, or other cleaners appropriate for the materials. Launder all appropriate items at the highest temperature setting for the best results.

Electronic Devices

All your facility’s electronics must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. These include tablets, touch screens, ATM machines, keyboards, and remote controls. It is highly recommended to perform this action at least twice a day with industrial cleaning supplies.

Check the manufacture’s recommendations for cleaning such devices and consider positioning a wipeable cover on those. It makes cleaning and disinfecting easier.

High-touch Surfaces

No matter the business niche you’re in, you have high-touch surfaces. These refer to any area made of plastic or metal, including play structures, railings, grab bars, or door handles.

These surfaces must be cleaned regularly with adequate industrial cleaning supplies. It is worth mentioning that outdoor areas like sidewalks, roads, and groundcover do not necessarily need to be disinfected.


When it comes to what surfaces should be disinfected during the COVID-19 pandemic, you shouldn’t ignore restrooms. This is another high-traffic area with several surfaces that require thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Experts say that cleaning restrooms at least twice a day decreases the chances of virus spread. Use industrial cleaning products designed for such an area to clean the space securely.

Trash Storage Areas

The trash in your facility must be stored in a designated area and removed daily from inside the offices. But that isn’t enough! You have to ensure this type of storage area is properly handled.

Cleaning and disinfecting the trash storage space ensures germs, bacteria, and viruses are kept at a minimum. Also, it is best to have a schedule for taking out the trash managed by a professional waste removal company.

The Bottom Line

Using industrial cleaning supplies is the best solution available to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Ensure all your staff is highly trained in the best hygiene practices and safe maneuver of professional cleaning products.