What makes a pink diamond and its different intensity levels?

In this article, we will discuss what makes pink diamonds and their different intensity levels.

Also, we will discuss the different styles to make it a ring that is gifted in engagement.

What makes a pink diamond?

A pink diamond can be called a diamond which is having a fancy pink hue.

The pink diamond is not created by chemical impurities, but it is something else.

These are just like the other kind of coloured diamonds that you find in the market.

These pink diamonds are usually found in the Argyle diamond found in Western Australia.

Other areas where this diamond can be produced are India, Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Canada.

Gemologists have not yet concluded what could have given it the colour pink.

Unlike the other stones in the fancy diamond family, these pink diamonds do not contain impurities.

Due to this, many scientists have been making their theory on why this might happen.

Due to its property of being free from impurities, it is known to be rare and also expensive.

They are also assuming that the pink colour of these diamonds has not been formed by the impurities.

Many people think it has been created due to a cause and something it is created from a seismic shock.

What are the different intensity levels of this diamond?

The intensity level of the diamond is based on the shade of pink that it has inside of it.

The shade of pink colour is used to determine the intensity and also the strength of the colour.

In addition to its main hue, they believe it has another colour inside of it.

It is believed that it has the overtone colour of either brown, purple, or orange.

There are many different intensity levels and colours that this diamond has.

Here is the list that shows the different GIA grades of the pink diamond.

  • Faint
  • Fancy
  • Fancy dark
  • Fancy deep, and
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy light
  • Fancy vivid,
  • Light
  • Very light

These were just some of the grades that have been given by the GIA to the pink diamond.

Before you sell a pink diamond or anything, you should appoint a diamond expert.

He or she will help you in deciding on either selling the diamond or buying one.

Which is the style you can turn a pink diamond into a ring?

Due to their eye-catching colour and intensity, here is the list of styles in which it can be turned into a ring.

  •  Three stone setting

To make this kind of ring, you will need to select a diamond that is good looking.

Then you have to make sure they are less than 0.50 carat.

  •  Halo setting

This is the setting of small diamonds that enhance the colour, size, and appearance of the ring.

  •  Double halo setting

This means adding a second layer of pink diamond to your ring, which makes it look even more attractive.