What Makes a Good Hand Soap? 4 Things to Search For

How many times have you touched your face today without even realizing it? Probably a lot, and you’re not the only one- pretty much everyone does it. 

However, did you know that the average hand carries over 3,000 germs? Scary to think about considering how many times your hands have touched your eyes, nose, and mouth today, right? The truth is, germs are everywhere, and it is always better to get rid of the ones on your hands using good hand soap to avoid getting sick. 

What makes a “good” soap? Most of the best-reviewed hand soaps have some things in common. So, if you want to learn what they are, keep reading!

  1. It Removes Visible Dirt 

There are plenty of gorgeous-looking bars of soap out there, but if you are looking for the best of the best, the only “first impression” that matters is how the soap performs. The first sign of a good-quality soap is if it removes all the visible dirt on your hands. If it doesn’t, then it probably won’t do much for the germs and bacteria attached to the oils in your skin. 

Hand soap is meant to clean your hands, not just look pretty on your sink. So, make sure to read some reviews and sample your soaps to ensure that they do what they’re supposed to: remove dirt!

  1. It Lathers 

Soap lather is not just fun- it also plays an essential role in removing germs. When a soap has good lather, it will contain something called “micelles,” which traps germs, dirt, and other harmful particles to remove them. 

Washing your hands regularly will help prevent germs from spreading from your hands to the rest of your face, hence helping you avoid getting sick from them. The more lather you get from each wash, the more germs will be removed from your skin!

  1. It Conditions the Hands

Because soaps tend to remove all kinds of oils and grease from the skin, it is not uncommon for the hands to feel dried out after a wash. A good soap will not only do its job of removing dirt and germs, but it will also contain hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, and cocoa butter. 

  1. It Has a Great Scent

When something makes your skin feel and smell nice, you’re bound to want to keep using it. A good hand soap always has an irresistible smell that will make it impossible to skip washing your hands. Many soaps are paired with essential oils, while others can come with perfume-like scents. 

The bottom line is that scents can serve as an incentive to wash your hands regularly. Think about it this way, if you had a bar of soap without a fragrance and one that smells like a Hugo Boss 100ml perfume, which one would make you want to wash your hands immediately?

Find the Best Hand Soap Today

As you now know, a good hand soap removes dirt, lathers, hydrates the skin, and smells fantastic. Whether you are looking to get hand soap for your bathroom, kitchen, etc., checking these four boxes will help you ensure that your next soap purchase is a successful one! 

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