What Kind of Dental Implant Do You Need?

If you have been in an accident or suffer from severe gum recession, a periodontist may recommend a dental implant to restore the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Your dental professional will assess your bone density, bone structure, and general health. You will need to consider the length of the surgical process, the amount of care needed to maintain the new tooth, and the general appearance of the implant once the procedure is completed. When a dental implant is the right choice, there are three main options.

Placed in the Jawbone

Those in need of dental implants West Palm Beach FL will find that high-quality dental care is available for routine and emergency services. When your jawbone has enough density and you are in good health, connecting an implant directly to your jaw is the best option. An endosteal implant stimulates new jawbone growth, keeping all of the adjacent teeth rooted and strong. The titanium rod that holds your new tooth in place will vary in length and width depending on your bone density. Dental implants can be screwed into place or cemented. The rod replaces the root of your tooth and fuses with the bone, so the new tooth supports itself with no need for a bridge.

Sutured Under the Gums

In some cases, your dentist will choose to attach supports under the gum and on top of the jawbone instead of into the jawbone. This is known as a subperiosteal implant. This method results in an implant that looks exactly like an endosteal implant. An implant that is connected under the gums is preferable if there is some bone loss in your jaw. A subperiosteal implant is custom made to fit your jaw, so it usually involves two steps, both of which are done under local anesthesia.

Connected to the Cheekbone

The third method, known as a zygomatic implant, is placed in the cheekbone. This least frequently used implant method does not require bone grafting, so there will likely be a shorter, easier healing time once the surgery has been completed. Zygomatic implants can be used when other types of dental implants are not possible due to health complications. This process is very successful, although it may involve more complicated surgical procedures.

Your teeth are important to your health and to your appearance. When your dentist recommends a dental implant to replace a damaged, unsightly, or missing tooth, it’s important to be aware of your options and to make an informed decision.