What is the difference between curtain and drapes?

When it comes to windows care there are too many options to choose what is right for your home. Someone shopping for window covering may be surprised at whether or not to buy curtains or drapes.

There are some differences among curtains and drapes for customers to keep in mind.


  1. Curtains are cloth panels which might be most often sold in pairs. You will discover curtains in a wide variety of width, length, fabrics, and shades and styles making them a famous preference for each room of the home, they are even installed in toilets and kitchens.
  2. There are seven types of curtains that cover only the bottom half of a window over a kitchen sink commonly matched to a decoration across the windows stop are called cafe curtains.
  3. Curtains hang from a rod, which can be hidden and can be plain or decorative and on display, depending on how the curtains are hung.
  4. Curtains can often be washed at home in the delicate cycle off of the washing machine.
  5. Curtains are visible on windows in lots of one of a kind places which includes offices, dormitory rooms, eating places, and lounges.
  6. Curtains are very easily taken down and put up even as drape require greater attempt because of their length and thick material.
  7. Custom curtains help you save cash on energy bills. This is possible as they have insulating homes that block outside warmness from coming inside. Overtime, you will see a discount for your month to month electricity prices whilst having an aesthetically desirable design.
  8. Curtains are best in rooms where you are trying to filter out some sunlight however additionally require herbal light in your own homes.


  1. Drapes are lined sometimes with material heavy enough to block out all outdoors mildly, making them perfect for bedroom use.
  2. Drapes, so often called draperies, are lengthy and sufficient to achieve from the pinnacle of the window to the floor, every now and then even putting a chunk under the window. Particularly heavy and stiff fabric are the norm drape, together with luxurious substances like velvet, the mask, or silk.
  3. In the bedroom, the most famous draperies add the blackout fashion, which keeps the room dark enough for deep sleep.
  4. In many cases, drips must be taken to the dry cleaner for regular cleaning because of their special fabric.
  5. Drapes are seen in more formal rooms together with the eating room in any stylish home or excessive stop eating places and hotels.
  6. Helps lessen unwanted noise from a busy avenue or the neighbouring homes.
  7. With drapes on your main bedroom, you could guarantee that your morning on a holiday will stay undisturbed.
  8. While they arrive in a variety of styles and coloration, most customarily they are stable instead of heavily patterned, you will often discover that drapes are pleated and there are multiple styles of pleat available.