What are the main reasons with choosing epoxy floors?

Full of qualities, epoxy floors are present in different types of projects. They are high-performance, two-component, and solvent-free floors. Both epoxy coating and other epoxy materials and compounds can also be used as durable glues in a multitude of applications. Residential epoxy flooring has high strength and high durability. It provides fast and resistant drying, which is why it is so sought after.

Epoxy floors easy to maintain

Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain. After application and drying, the floor can be used without worrying after 48 hours. First, it is very important to make an application well done, looking for qualified and experienced professionals. The application of epoxy floors is made with a resin in a liquid state on the floor. After drying, it forms a single layer. However, for impeccable industrial floors, office floors, and Warehouse Floor Epoxy Lining, some precautions are indicated before application, such as surface preparation, crack treatment, primer use, and polish.

Epoxy floors are easy to clean.

Easy cleaning is one of the main characteristics of epoxy floors. They are waterproof and highly resistant, offering safety against slipping. Another great advantage of epoxy coating is its asepsis. This floor is easy to clean because its surface is completely smooth and without joints, not allowing the accumulation of bacteria. Therefore, they are ideal floors, especially for environments such as industrial kitchens, clinics and hospitals. They have several other benefits, such as –

  • High chemical and abrasive resistance,
  • High mechanical performance,
  • Practical and quick application, applicable on various types of substrate,
  • The vitreous aspect of the surface, increased surface stiffness,
  • Single-layer of higher density, multiple textures, patterns and finishes,
  • Excellent durability and easy installation,
  • Facilitates cleaning and maintenance,
  • It hinders the proliferation of microorganisms, etc.

Epoxy floors are resistant and robust.

Epoxy floors are solid and impact-resistant, so they do not run the risk of cracking and presenting other pathologies. If space will have heavy traffic, it is still possible to apply a non-slip epoxy coating, resulting in a textured surface with more protection. This other textured surface is often used on platforms, ramps, machine shops, garages, etc. Most epoxy coatings are fire-resistant. It is the reason why many garage owners decide to do garage floor epoxy.

Epoxy floors are self-levelling

Epoxy floors are ideal for applications where a high level of asepsis is required, as well as increased resistance to chemical and abrasive attacks, supporting the light, medium and high traffic. The self-levelling system has properties of increased fluidity and self-accommodation, providing a glassy finish. Epoxy floors can also be applied in different types of coverings. When dry, epoxy coating offers a seal that protects the concrete from any possible water infiltration.