What Are Electric Door Locks and How Do They Work?

Electronic locks are an incredible piece of modern tech that allows you to replace your keys with automation features. You have several options to unlock the door, such as using a remote, password, biometrics, etc. In the beginning, electronic doors were common with cars. However, over time, they have become increasingly popular with businesses and homes due to their advanced security features.

Access from a door is prevented with the aid of a bolt or latch that crosses the opening between the doorframe and the side of the door. The bolt is either a deadbolt that needs to be manually unlocked. Or it is the spring bolt that is kept in its place by springs. The springs automatically close it when it is opened but cannot reopen it when locked. With both types of bolt, unlocking and locking have to be done by rotating a key or knob to move the latch or bolt. This is true for most traditional locks. You can get an idea about traditional door locks online by visiting Park Avenue’s website. 

With electronic door locks, everything is motorized. It has some parts named actuators, which are responsible for keeping the cylinder or bolt intact with a small motor. This setup is installed inside the frame of the door or the door itself. In order to access the door, the motor has to be controlled. This is done by sending it an electronic impulse. The trigger for this is possible by either a keypad, an electronic card reader, or wireless remote control. Once the correct input electronic pulse has been sent, the motor in the electronic door lock starts the actuator and unlocks the door.

Both the traditional manual methods of unlocking doors and the modern electronic types of door locks have their own pros and cons. On the one hand, numerical codes can be forgotten or can be seen by unwanted people. On the other hand, you can easily lose keys or key cards or damage them. They can also get in the hands of unauthorized persons. However, if someone else has found out the keycodes, you can quickly change them to secure the place. With physical keys, if they get in someone else’s hands, you have to change the whole lock, and that is time taking and expensive. Electronic locks are also problematic when it comes to power failures as they cannot be locked or unlocked unless they have batteries in them. However, even with electric locks, there is a wide variety that offers different features. Check out which one suits you the most by visiting Park Avenue for buy door locks online

One good thing about most electronic doors is that there is a combination of both electronic and physical locking control on the same door. For instance, the remote or keypad is simply used to unlock or lock the door. However, the physical key is needed for a first-time setup or backup situations, such as a power failure. As a result, it enhances the security and convenience for the user, meanwhile improving functionality. Park Avenue Mortise Lockset comes in both standard and an electric version. Check it out to see which one suits you better.