Vastu tips for the Entrance, Bedroom, and Living room

You should not ignore the importance of Vastu while planing your home design. Making a house Vastu compliant attracts more positive energy in the house and gets rid of negative energies. We’ve got down a few easy Vastu tips that will ensure the entrance, bedroom, and living room of your home stay Vastu compliant:

The Entrance

  1. Make sure it is properly lit

In some houses, you will notice the entrance of the house does not have ample light and appears quite dark. This appears very unwelcoming. Also, it attracts negative energy and creates a feeling of gloominess. Avoid such entrances at all costs. Make sure that the house entrance stays properly lit. For the night, adequate arrangements should be made to ensure that it does not appear dark. If you can make structural changes like adding a window nearby, you can welcome more light in that area. Vastu compliant homes should always have well-illuminated entrances.

  1. Clean the area from time to time

A dirty entrance neither appears attractive nor does it attract positive energies. Make sure to clean the entrance whenever required to keep it neat and tidy. Keeping the entrance clean has been in the Indian tradition for years. This is why people used to wash the entrances every day. However, keeping the area clean is enough. Washing it every day is not required. Every week, wipe the area with a water and rock salt solution at least.

  1. Do not clutter the entrance

Make sure that the entrance does not appear very cluttered. Do not place too many items near the entrance. Just place a red doormat as red is both an attractive and energising colour. Experts reckon red attracts more positive energy in the house. This is why red carpets are used for welcoming honourable guests and VIPs. Also, you can put down a dust trapper so that the entrance does not stay muddy and dusty.

The living room 

  1. Make sure furniture pieces are positioned correctly

To ensure that the house is Vastu compliant, you should place the furniture pieces correctly. For starters, put all your heavy furniture pieces like the sofa set on the west or south-west of the room. If the living room has electronic appliances like a TV set, always ensure that they have been installed on the south-east of the room. In case the dining space and the living space are adjoined, the dining space should be on the east or south-east of your living room design.

  1. Choose the right colour

Colour plays a major role in making a house Vastu compliant. To attract more positive energy, you should choose specific colours for every room that’s part of your home design. Experts suggest incorporating lighter colours such as white, light pink, beige, cream, floral white, and the like into the living room design. These colours attract various positive energies in the house like purity, calmness, perfection, warmth, and beauty among other things.

The bedroom

  1. The right position for the bed

To create a Vastu-compliant bedroom in your home design, start with positioning the bed correctly. It should be placed on the south, south-west, or west of the bedroom. Also, the bed must point in the same direction. The bed sheets should be of lighter shades such as pink and white so that you can relax properly after a long day’s work. Make sure that there are not a lot of geometrical designs on the bed sheets. Also, they should not be blue or black. All electronic items in the bedroom like a TV, phone, laptop, or tablet should be switched off at least an hour before sleeping so that there is no radiation in the area before going off to sleep. The south, west, or south-west corner is the ideal position for the bed.

  1. Create the right ambience

Just before going off to sleep, listening to soft music is highly recommended because it releases stress and helps people calm down. Also, it helps to align your body’s energies before sleeping. For better sleep and reducing insomnia, you can consider burning a fusion of rose and jasmine oil.