Various Types Of Hairstyles For Straight And Curly Hair

There are misconceptions that only women’s haircuts and hairstyles are hard to cut or style. Even men’s hair needs to be styled perfectly and professionally. A barbershop in Brooklyn specifies, “ Only a few barbers can cut and style men’s hair with an ace quality”. Though men have short hair most of the time, designing something cool is a difficult task for the barbers. Here are a few hairstyles for barbers to suggest for their customers.

1.   Over/Slicked Back Hair

Who doesn’t love Leonardo DiCaprio and his recent slicked-back hair? It’s amazingly cool and attractive, isn’t it? For a face with a light skin tone and faded hair color, this style is perfect to try. Back hairs are always hot and when the gel is used to style them it looks more fashionable and springy. If you are looking for hairstyles that are cool and qualified, then you should try over/slicked-back hair. Men with straight hair and curly hair can try this hairstyle.

2.   Bun And Beard

A clean shave is cool, but have you tried a beard with a bun? If you haven’t tried it, go for it right away. It’s obvious that most girls like boys with beards, but did you know that girls crush on boys with bun hair too. If you are having long hair then you can surely try a bun. If you are having short hair then you can grow out your hair to try this style.

3.   Heavy Bangs

If you are a boy with low-volume hair then you can try heavy bangs. Heavy bangs can add a voluminous look to your hair. If you want to give an ultramodern look to your heavy bangs then try adding a few blonde highlights. It’s obvious that girls with messy hair look cute and so do boys.

4.   Mohawk

Do you remember Clint’s hairstyle from Avengers: End Game? That hairstyle is known as a mohawk. Hair on the sides is trimmed or cut short. Hair in the mid is styled in the shape of spikes. Barbers in a barbershop in Brooklyn say that Mohawk is a hairstyle that is cool for college-going boys or people who work at pop places. But for decent and working men this hairstyle isn’t recommended at all.

So, these are a few hairstyles for men with straight and curly hair. Even kids can try these cuts but they need to be short. Kids always need shortcuts rather than high spikes and bangs.