Various factors that an MCA aspirant should be aware of

The Master of Computer Applications offered by MCA Mumbai colleges is a two-year postgraduate degree course. MCA colleges in Mumbai offer a range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills on the various aspects of computer applications. Most colleges offer a full-time course or distance education options. To gain admission to this course, one shall need a bachelor’s degree in Maths or with Maths in 10+2 or BCA. Most colleges would also require a good qualifying mark in one of the MCA entrance examinations like the MCA CET, MAH, NIMCET, and others.

Criteria for admission

While your marks in the entrance examinations matter more to gain admission to the MCA Mumbai colleges, the entrance examination tests not only theoretical knowledge but also your grasp on the practice through a timed test. It is advised to start preparing for the entrance examination at least a year before with a target college in mind. Passing these entrance examinations will allow you to clear the group discussion and personal interview rounds before admission is offered.

MCA or MSc Computer Science?

Many students desirous of joining MCA Mumbai often are seen confused between two similar-sounding courses. Some of the MCA colleges in Mumbai also provide both courses which only helps to confuse the aspirants further. The MCA course provides extensive and in-depth knowledge of various aspects of computer applications related to hardware, software, data structures, mathematics, and networking. The MSc course offers only core competence in the various software and their engineering. The course duration also differs from MSc taking only two years to finish while the MCA requires three years of study.

Though these courses are very different in structure, pedagogy, and their final qualification. The career options that the MCA Mumbai course provides is more or less similar to the MSc Computer Science. The major difference is that while the MCA provides practical knowledge and basic theoretical skills in the field of computers, the MSc is a specialized technical degree. The average starting salary offered to graduates from MCA colleges in Mumbai is up to five lakh per annum while with the MSc degree they are offered around 8 lakhs per annum.

Career opportunities

With the rapid growth of the IT industry, career opportunities for a graduate from MCA colleges in Mumbai are umpteen. Graduates from MCA Mumbai colleges can be found working at the top-level consultancy firms and with IT giants as well as with startups. These jobs offer a handsome salary to a graduate with the right kind of skills. They can be found working as software developers who are responsible for designing, installing, testing, and maintaining software. Or as a web developer who designs the various features and layout of the website.

Other graduates from MCA colleges in Mumbai can be found working as systems analysts who analyze the software and hardware needs of a firm. Or as a network administrator to provide full support to configure and maintain in-house servers and networks. Many MCA Mumbai graduates work as mobile app developers or system administrators, hardware engineers, and technical writers. The job role thus may vary across the IT industry and depends upon the basic skills of an individual.