Underwater Cameras to Look Through Water Surface While Ice Fishing

Fishing in the months of winter is a real struggle with ice blocks on your way. It is difficult to sigh see the fish. However, that does not stop anglers to go on the shore for shore fishing. All in all, it is an adventure on its own. There are gears to help you in ice fishing and take your fishing experience to another level.

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Importance of underwater cameras while ice fishing

A good underwater camera meant for ice fishing helps you see the fish even through the cold icy surface of the water during winter seasons. You need not rely on your intuition of where you might find the fish you are looking for. An ice camera allows you to view the underwater world and shows the exact life of the fish you desire.

The modern fishing camera comes in all sizes consisting of different features to choose from. They are compact and portable which are easy to handle. They display clear colored pictures. The camera lens can also be set in three different positions that showcase the up, down, and sideways underwater view.

The use of a camera in your practice sessions also educates you into the establishment of some patterns. It gives you confidence as you observe how fish reacts to different lures and which fish is attracted to specific bait. This helps you in appropriate lure selection. You can learn what is shown by your sonar unit and establish the pattern of how fish approach the lure.

Factors to consider when selecting an underwater fishing camera

  • Monitor size

The size of the monitor along with its resolution and clarity is important. 5-7 inches of monitor size is adequate for a good view. HD resolution featured monitor is the right choice.

  • Field view

Make sure that the camera displays a wide range of underwater visibility. You do not have to rotate the camera frequently causing movement underwater.

  • Storage case

Make sure that the camera is durable enough with a protective waterproof case that does not damage the camera.

  • Good battery life

A good camera should come with a battery life of 6-10 hours. It also depends on how long you would like to spend on the ice.

  • Cable length

The longer the cable length, the deeper can you submerge the camera. A sufficient cable length can range from 35-100 feet.


The invention of cameras for ice fishing has made it possible to enjoy fishing irrespective of the season. You can choose from a wide range of different brand cameras that come in different sizes, colors, cable length, lens, and other features. So, use this fishing gear to upgrade your fishing experience.