Truest Opportunities with the Mexican Jewelry Solutions

Silver is one of the first metals that man began to process. It is used in many industries, one of which is the production of jewelry. Did you know that the artistic processing of silver has its origins in the time of the Byzantine and Egyptian empires?

Looking back

The mexican silver, Latin Argentum according to its bright white luster, is a noble metal of white color, which is characterized by the best electrical and thermal conductivity of all known metals. It has good malleability and casts well. It is used in jewelry and in the electronic and photographic industries. In the Middle Ages, it was used as currency.

Did you know that silver is one of the precious metals that is characterized by high chemical stability? Silver mining has deep roots. The first finds of worked silver are more than 4,000 years old, a lot of silver jewelry was found in the tombs of the Chaldean kings.

History of silver jewelry

People have long adorned themselves since times long past, first with flowers, stones, shells, etc. When they learned to work with metals, it was reflected in the decoration. In addition to weapons, they sometimes wore some nice jewelry. The beginnings of silver jewelry in Bohemia date back to the beginning of Christianity. Silver jewelry was made in the monasteries and residences of the monarchs.

Did you know that the Czech Republic was one of the richest European countries in the past due to silver mining? The most famous center of gravity of silver was located in Kutná Hora. Today, the largest producers of silver are Mexico, Canada, Peru, the USA and Australia.

Silver and silver jewelry are growing in popularity

The silver is beautiful and fresh, the jewelry from it is elegant, modern and nice to look at. An alloy of silver and copper is used for the production of jewelry, with 92.5% being silver and the remaining 7.5% being admixtures.

Did you know that silver is prone to blackening? Therefore, in the production of some jewelry, a surface treatment is approached, which increases the quality of the mexican jewelry and its durability. The jewelry is covered with a thin layer of rhodium.

Pendants and necklaces in halo style

Do you long for eternal brilliance and glitter that will catch the eye of everyone in the room? Halo pendants are made for this purpose. Just imagine a beautiful gemstone crowned with the halo of other small stones hung on a chain that perfectly complements it. You can’t step aside with this elegant and distinctive piece. Let him underline your beauty and distinction at festive and official events.


In historical films, you have certainly seen a medallion with a photograph of your loved one on the neck of the main heroine many times. You too can remind yourself of people or events that are close to you in a modern and elegant design.

Hide the secrets of your heart in a delicate round shape that will gently adorn your cleavage and make not only yourself stand out, but also your favorite memory. And don’t be fooled, medallions are far from just a piece of jewelry suitable for romantic souls. After all, each of us carries secrets in our hearts, and this piece of jewelry is the ideal confidant to whom you can entrust it.

If you want your secrets to be guarded by a unique locket, you certainly do not depend only on the round shape. Nowadays, you have countless possibilities a fragile fairy with romantic dreams will certainly enjoy the heart shape, while elegant minimalists will prefer a simple oval. And it’s up to you whether the locket will be smooth and inconspicuous or decorated with precious stones, which will turn it into a distinctive and radiant accessory.