Travelling from Mumbai To Delhi? Train Vs Flight


Every month thousands of people commute between the National capital and Financial Capital of India, either by train or by air. The reason for the travel varies from vacation, business, work, etc. Read further to know about both the best travelling means.


Choosing a travelling mode depends upon the geography, distance, and time of the travel. The two popular means of transport for long-distance travel are train and plane. Both of them has its positives and negatives.

Mumbai and Delhi enjoy great connectivity with multiple flights and trains plying between two cities. Let’s discuss both the options and which one stands out.

Travelling By Train From Mumbai to Delhi

Some points worth noting are;

  • Around 10-15 trains ply between this route daily. Trains like Rajdhani Express, Duronto, Shatabdi, etc. offers impeccable services to the travellers.
  • Rajdhani Special takes approximately 16-hours to cover the distance. Other trains take between 18hrs to 24hrs or sometimes more than that.
  • The fare for Mumbai to New Delhi train ticket for 2nd AC on the Rajdhani Express is around 4200 INR.
  • Some of the trains provide on-board Wi-Fi facility to all the passengers.
  • IRCTC provides the option of selecting on-board meals facility. The charges are included in the fare in some trains like Rajdhani.
  • You are required to reach the station at least 30mins before the departure to settle comfortably for the journey.

Travelling By Flight From Mumbai to Delhi

Some points worth noting are;

  • More than 100 flights ply on this route daily.
  • A Non-stop flight takes around 2hrs to cover the distance from Mumbai to Delhi.
  • The ticket price fluctuates between 3000-5000 INR for a one-way trip. However, it can go up depending on the dates you choose to travel.
  • You have to reach the airport at least 2hrs before the take-off to complete all the procedure smoothly.

While both the options are great, flight makes more sense if you are travelling alone or for a short period or in case you are running short on time. Below are the main reasons behind it.

How Flight is a Better Mode Than Train?

  • Short Duration: First and foremost, a flight takes less time than the train. Hence, it is best for an instant plan or if you are running short on time or just want to save that extra half a day.
  • Flexibility: The frequency of flights is higher than that of the train. So, you have the option to choose the time of the travel according to your need.
  • Availability of tickets: Train tickets get sold out faster. Last-minute reservations can be made using Tatkal, but they get over soon, especially during the peak season. Thanks to hundreds of flights between these cities, you can book a flight even at the nth hour and still get a ticket.
  • Better Service: Flight offers better services than trains like highly maintained restrooms, numerous shopping stores, dine-in places, lounge access, etc.
  • Convenient travel: Flight offers a smooth and comfortable journey – no chatty passengers, less or no in-between stops, etc.
  • Cost: The cost difference between a Mumbai to Delhiflight and train ticket is not much. You get better services at the same or a little higher cost. Moreover, you can get a free flight ticket by using your miles. However, you won’t find this option while travelling by train.
  • Luggage Safety and Mobility: Airlines assure you with the luggage safety and provide easy transportation of the entire luggage from one place to another. On the other hand, you have to carry your luggage with you while travelling by train.

To conclude, it is better to travel by plane as it offers more positives than the train. So, book your ticket now and grab the exciting offers. Do not forget to use your miles to book your flight ticket for free. Lastly, carry all the documents with you and reach early for smooth travel.