Transporting Goods To Kenya: Everything You Need To Know

In the present day and age, transportation of goods to and from a country is not an impossible task. With technological and scientific advancement, it is quite easy to transport goods to any country. Regarding the transportation of goods to Kenya, there are many options. The task of transporting any parcel or luggage to Kenya can be done in many ways. There are various modes of transportation available for transporting any product to Kenya. Continue reading to find out more about this.

Modes Of Transportation

There are several ways in which one can transport goods to Kenya. The main options to choose from have been listed below as follows:

·       Shipping:

This is a great option for transporting heavy goods from your country to Kenya. The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is the hub of transportation in all of Central Africa and Eastern Africa. The Mombasa Port receives goods from different regions of the world. It is the largest deep-water port. The Kenya Ports Authority is responsible for regulating the activities of the Mombasa Port. Sea transportation is slower than air transportation.

·       By Air:

This is another great option for cargo transportation. Any item can be sent to Kenya by air by any transporter from amongst the list of transport companies in Kenya. There are several airports in Kenya. You can contact an appropriate courier service company and arrange for your goods to be transported to Kenya via a flight. The main airports of Kenya include Moi International Airport in Mombasa, Wilson Airport, Eldoret International Airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Wajir Airport, Lokichoggio, Malindi Airport, and Kisumu Airport. The functioning and safety of these airports are controlled by the Kenya Airports Authority and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. Transporting goods via flights is a good idea if you don’t live in the country because your parcel will be delivered quickly.

·       Railway Transportation:

This is another probable option of transporting goods to Kenya. The railway system in Kenya is well developed. This mode of transportation is slower than shipping and air transportation. The railway system in Kenya is regulated by the Kenya Railways Corporation.

·       Road Transportation:

Another widely utilized mode of transporting goods and commodities is via roads. This mode of transportation is very important for the export and import of goods, marketing of agricultural goods, industrial development, and transporting cargo. Several organizations regulate the road transportation system in Kenya. These include the Kenya Roads Board, Kenya Rural Roads Authority, Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure, and Kenya National Highways Authority.

The mode of transportation you choose will depend on your location and how fast you’d like the parcel to be delivered.