Top TV Accessories on the Market

There’s nothing quite like a great TV setup. Being able to sit down on the couch after a long day of work and easily connect to high quality media so you can get lost in entertainment is a wonderful thing. To add to that, innovators are always coming up with new ways to make our TV setups even better than before. From retro accessories like RF power dividers to help connect your favorite gaming systems to the top of the line 4K streaming devices, here are some of the top TV accessories on the market today.

Universal Remote Control

With the continued advancement of technology, remote controls have gotten even smarter. Gone are the days of having to look everywhere for the five remotes you need to turn on the amp, the tv, the streaming device or cable. Today, you can utilize the convenience of having one, single remote to control all of your devices.

LED Projector

While getting a big screen TV was a major milestone of days past, now you don’t have to just settle for 50 or 60 inches when it comes to your screen – you can go bigger! Utilizing LED projectors, you can get screens ranging 100 inches big or more. Many of these projectors have output quality similar to high end TVs, including 1080P and 4K compatibility. best projectors under 200 also have the same USB, HDMI, VGA and AV inputs that most TVs have so you can plug in gaming systems, streaming boxes and more.

TV Mount Bracket

If you do have a big TV but you’re sick of it having to sit on the entertainment center, you can opt for a TV mount bracket so the tv sits flush with the wall. It’s a great way to save space while customizing the height you want your TV at. You can also run cables through the wall and out near an outlet so that you don’t have any cables hanging down next to the TV.