Top Challenges Faced by New UPSC Aspirants

UPSC is known as one of the challenging exams in India. To crack this exam, you need proper focus, determination, and a plan. Many people are joining the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. However, most aspirants are facing various challenges while preparing for the UPSC exam. 

You see, these challenges are common, especially when it’s a civil service exam. If you are preparing for the first time, you need to be aware of these challenges. In this article, we are sharing the top challenges that most new aspirants faced. So, let’s find out. 

Challenges Faced by New Aspirants

As we mentioned above, you need to know about the top challenges faced by new IAS students. No matter if you are checking for the best IAS coaching in Delhi with fees or the UPSC syllabus, it will be easier after reading the following list. 

1. Huge Syllabus

The syllabus is one of the crucial parts of this exam. To get success, you need to study UPSC’s syllabus first. Hence, you need to understand each section including the test series for essay. If you are joining an academy, they will customize a study plan as per the syllabus.

2. Time Management

No matter if you are following a guideline or preparing for UPSC on your own, you need to be serious about the time. In simple words, time management is essential when you want to crack the IAS exam. Make sure you are following a proper schedule during this period.

3. Choosing The Optional Subject

You might know that the optional subject plays a key role in this exam. However, most new aspirants make a big mistake by choosing the wrong optional subject. If you are a newbie, ensure you are doing enough research before choosing. Thus, you can get help from an experienced teacher. 

4. Self-learning

No matter which academy you are joining, you need to start self-learning. You see, civil service is completely different from academic exams. Many new students face problems as they can’t understand the style of this exam. So, start self-learning as soon as possible. 

5. Financial Support

Even though we are talking about getting the best coaching in Delhi, you need to think about finance as well. Most institutes have a package for 6-12 months and it costs a huge amount. If you can afford to join such an institute, you can get help from an online portal.  

6. Proper Scheduling

As we noted above, you need proper scheduling for the UPSC exam. Most beginners fail to crack this exam because of this reason. So, you need a schedule from day one. Most academies offer a good study schedule for aspirants. 

7. Mental Stress

One of the most common challenges beginners face is mental stress. It’s normal as they have to learn a lot of things. That’s why a UPSC aspirant needs proper guidance. When you have adequate study plan and the best study materials, you can reduce your mental stress. 

8. Lack of Mock Test Availability 

Another problem many people face is the lack of mock test availability. Well, it also depends on your institute. If they are not providing enough mock tests, you can also get help from an online portal. 


You see, a newbie aspirant faces several problems when they are preparing for the IAS exam. If you are also an aspirant, you need to know about these things. We have covered the top challenges of this exam. Make sure you are reading these before joining a reputed institute. For more information, you can contact them.