Top 8 movies of all time based on Christianity that holds your breath

Talking about Christian films and keeping only 8 titles is very complicated. The Catholic religion has brought great moments to Hollywood and to millions of viewers who have seen how many of their favorite written or narrated passages were turned into history on the big screen. Therefore, we bring you the 8 Best Christian movies of all time.

The passion of Joan of arc (1928)

Not surprisingly, religion has been a recurring theme. The Passion of Joan of Arc is not only a pioneer of the genre, but a benchmark of quality and good work. The film focuses on the suspicious trial the Maid of Orleans faced. The Joan of Arc was played by Maria Falconetti, who faced the entire shoot in a natural way, without makeup, and endowing the character with tremendous strength.

Ben-Hur (1959)

In the 1950s, the Roman Empire was at the primary focus in the Hollywood. Now, nobody managed to do what William Wyler did with his masterpiece. 11 Oscars, the highest grossing film of the year and the second most profitable movie in history – Ben-Hur is still a masterpiece. And all thanks to Judah Ben-Hur and his refusal to his friend, to subdue the Jewish people. Its 15 million budgets became 146 million of the time. Ben-Hur is also one of the Best Christian books of all time.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

Jesus lives tormented by his feeling of guilt in the face of temptations, although he constantly receives God’s call. And he decides to find out what God wants from him. This movie is not based on the gospels, but fictional.

The tree of life (2011)

The most modern of the list, comes from the hand of Terrence Malick. The American director takes the action back to the 1950s, where a family reconsiders the existence of God, given the vicissitudes, complications, and setbacks they suffer. Again, a crisis of faith taken to the extreme and a reflection of how every Christian have doubts about everything throughout his life.

The chronicles of Narnia (2005)

Who says fantasy cannot have a religious background? The Chronicles of Narnia is a faithful representation of the eternal struggle between good and evil. Pondering values ​​such as kindness, friendship, family or trust, the adventure of the four brothers goes beyond the mere fight against the White Witch. You can also buy custom Christian tshirts online at affordable prices.

Little boy (2015)

In this movie for Easter he tells us the story of a boy who in World War II tries to test his faith. He is only eight years old and is rejected in his environment because of his stature but that will change when a priest and an apparent enemy help him discover what the meaning of life is, to help his entire community.

A man for eternity (1966)

In A man for eternity, Fred Zinnemann brings the story of the politician and Saint Thomas More to the big screen, in the great story of his life. And it is that Thomas More, prioritizing his faith at his head, refused to bless the divorce of Henry VIII. The reason is that this separation also meant the rupture between the Church of England and that of Rome.

Twilight lands (1993)                

Sir Richard Attenborough embarked on this intense drama that caught many people off guard. The story centers on CS Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia and how his entire world of opulence, sobriety and elegance falters, until an American poetess walks past him. Friendship will quickly turn into something more. The protagonist will have to decide whether to make the leap to love or to keep his heart closed as he has been up to now.

Wonderful grace (2006)

Ioan Gruffudd plays the idealist William Wilberforce, a guy who seeks to abolish the British slave trade in the British Empire, but won’t have it easy. It is a spectacular production, with a young Ioan Gruffudd who was not yet a superstar and playing the pioneer in the fight against slavery in the 20th century.