Tips To Help Your Frenchie Cope-Up With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one dangerous anxiety that Frenchie dog often develop when they are left alone at home. Due to the world being in a state of lockdown, our beloved Frenchies have got used to seeing us at home all the time. Though it seemed to be quite unusual at first, nevertheless, they loved the cuddling, the love, and care they received during this period.

But, as we prepare ourselves to start the new normal life and the lockdown being uplifted, there’s a chance that your French bulldog will miss your presence at home which might lead to separation anxiety. To overcome it and make your dog comfortable at being alone, some steps are to be followed.

Leave them alone

It’s necessary that they are left alone and not tagged along all the time. When you are going for grocery shopping, try to leave them alone and keep away anything that they can chew on. Initially start leaving them for a short period, like when you are going to the kitchen or when doing household chores, increase it a bit by leaving them when going for everyday shopping, and then when they are habituated to it, increase it by leaving them when you are doing your work from home assignments.

Go back to the old routine

Frenchie dogs love to maintain a specific routine. The lockdown might have brought certain changes in their routine but it’s time to take them back to the previous one. Take your Frenchie for walks when you usually used to take her when you were working, give them meals at a specific time. This will ensure that they adopt the new change again and be comfortable with it.

Games and treats

French bulldog enrichment toys like puzzles treat toys and even squeaky toys keep them entertained and are a great way to spend time. Let them be alone for a while with these toys and some long-lasting treats. This will remind them that being alone wasn’t all that bad.

Place an old cloth near their cot

When you were at home, your Frenchie was used to be with you, around you. They got used to your touch, so remember that leaving them all alone, even while you are making them get habituated to it, isn’t a good idea as it might lead to panic attacks. Therefore, try to keep an old cloth beside its cot, so your smell is with them, which will help them cope up with sadness and prevent panic attacks.