Tips to Buying Your First Pickup Truck

If you’ve never driven a truck before, making the switch from your sedan might feel like a big decision. You may have been confident when you were researching models and specs at home, but now that you’re walking the lot, you’re not so sure. There are plenty of decisions to make when purchasing your first truck, so having a well-defined process to identify the most important components can be helpful. Luckily, there are seven simple steps you can take to make sure you’re making the best purchase for your lifestyle.


When buying a truck you should be prepared to spend more than on a car, but still have your budget price clear in your head. Things like all-wheel drive, diesel engines, or extra towing capacity can all drive up the price of a pickup truck, but you might not need those features. Do some cost comparisons online before you go to a lot so you know about how much a truck is really worth and what others are selling the same model for. This can give you some extra bargaining power when you find a truck you love.


You’ve probably noticed trucks come in all sizes and shapes. From your mid-size to a dually, there are trucks to tackle all kinds of jobs and haul all types of loads. Before you start looking at what models you like, you’ll need to decide what size truck you need. Will you need to tow heavy trailers or campers? Or do you just need something to throw your kayak in? The more heavy duty work you plan to do in your truck, the more power you’ll need out of it and bigger truck you’ll want. If you want something for city life and use of utility, then a mid-size probably has plenty of torque for you.


Some trucks are built for utility alone and don’t offer much in the way of comfort. They might have large beds, but small cabs suitable for only two people. You’ll need to choose what level of comfort you’re looking for in a truck and how many people will regularly be riding in it. If you have children or carpool with coworkers, you might opt for an extended cab so you can have a backseat. If it’s just you hauling material, you might sacrifice cab space for a larger truck bed. Be sure to think of how you’ll use the truck to make these decisions.