Tips on Choosing the Right Wash Down Systems for Your Business

A common complaint from restaurateurs is that some commercial-grade products can cost thousands of dollars, which does not necessarily fit their budget. When it comes to food processing and distribution, sanitation is a top priority. For this reason, many of these establishments have turned to the use of washdown systems for hygiene purposes. Below are the key factors restaurateurs should consider when choosing a washdown system.

What Type of Food Business Are You Operating?

Wash down systems can seem intimidating. Restaurateurs must pick the right product for their needs. This means understanding how it works and which component best suits their business. The choice of wash down system depends on what type of foodservice establishment they have. For instance, a quick-service restaurant will need different features from a fine dining one.

What Is Your Budget?

Restaurateurs should consider their budget before buying a washdown system. This is because several types are available. The price varies depending on size, design, capacity, automation level, and type of pump used, among other factors. Some commercial-grade systems can cost thousands of dollars, while it is possible to find a decent unit for less than $1,000.

What Is the Frequency of Use?

The washdown system’s frequency of use will also impact the type of product restaurateurs need to get. Many automatic, self-contained touch-free washdown systems have daily usage. This means they should be installed in food preparation spaces used multiple times a day.

Where Are You Going to Install It?

It is important to decide where to place the washdown system before getting one. The type of installation will depend on factors including costs, available space, and aesthetics. Some brands can only be installed wall-mounted, while others are floor-mounted.

When choosing a washdown system, some restaurateurs may feel overwhelmed by how much choice is available. However, those who bear this guide in mind will find the process a lot easier. By taking these tips into account, restaurateurs can find the right washdown system for their business needs and ensure they install it correctly.