Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Saunas

Installing an outdoor sauna is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to any residential landscape. Whether the sauna is located beside a pool in a suburban neighbourhood or overlooking a rural lake, it will create a beautiful, private oasis where residents and their guests can go to relax and unwind.

Because outdoor saunas are exposed to the elements, they require different forms of maintenance from their indoor counterparts. Read on to find some tips for keeping any outdoor sauna working and looking great for years to come.

Clean Up Before Use

People are much more likely to track dirt, dust, and debris into an outdoor sauna than they are inside, so make sure all users rinse their feet off before use. The easiest way to do this is to install an outdoor tap near the door. If that’s not possible, place a bucket of clean water outside the sauna.

Protect the Wood

High-quality wood saunas are made to last, but they can still benefit from a little protection. There are two solutions for keeping mold and general grime from taking their toll. The first is to use a sauna-approved wood sealant on all of the frequently touched surfaces, such as floors and benches, but not all sauna owners like that approach.

Those who prefer to keep things all-natural should know that people have been using saunas for hundreds of years without sealants. It takes some extra work to maintain the wood, though. Instead of applying a sealant, take the time to sand high-contact surfaces, then vacuum them and wipe them down whenever the wood starts looking faded or worn.

Maintain the Heater

Like indoor saunas, the heaters of outdoor saunas require very little maintenance. Most sauna heaters feature stainless steel outer shells, which can be cleaned with non-abrasive detergents. The heater rocks usually last somewhere between 6 and 15 years depending on the frequency of use and whether the sauna receives adequate maintenance.

Keep the Sauna Clean

The frequency with which sauna owners will need to clean the insides of their sauna rooms will depend on how well users clean up before entering. In most cases, all it takes is cleaning the floors and benches with a mild detergent a few times a year to remove any dirt or sweat that has built up on the surfaces. If the sauna sees a lot of use and people aren’t very conscientious about cleaning up before entering, this task may need to be performed more often.

Perform Regular After-Use Care

While it won’t negate the need for other forms of periodic maintenance, providing a sauna with some minor after-use care can go a long way towards keeping it clean. The final user for the day should take a moment before leaving to scrub benches and backrests with water. This will keep the wood looking its best and reduce the need for additional, deeper cleaning.

It’s Easy to Maintain an Outdoor Sauna

As should now be the case, it’s easy to maintain an outdoor sauna. All it takes is some attention to detail and the occasional scrubbing to keep that new sauna room looking its best and operating perfectly for years to come.