Tips for Being a Better Driver

Driving can be one of the most pleasant parts of your day, whether you’re taking a road trip and manage to avoid most of the traffic or just driving to see family and friends, nothing feels much better than a smooth drive. However, unforeseen events can make driving a nightmare. There is no shortage of hazards that range from reckless drivers to you needing a car locksmith DC. So here are some of the things you should know to improve your driving experience.

Tighten Those Habits

When you start driving for real, it’s common to not follow small rules of thumb when on the road. For example, you’re probably flexible with coming to a full stop at stop signs. It might seem like a chore but that second and a half could help you spot pedestrians at night or a speeding vehicle. Turn on your turn signal before each and every turn! It’s important that other people on the road know what you’re going to do; a split second can catch people by surprise.

Keep Your Eyes Active

When driving, people tend to stare at one thing or focus on one direction for several seconds. To avoid target fixation, check your rear-view mirror every 5 seconds and keep track of your surroundings on all sides, not just what’s in front of you.

Leave Space Between You and Another Vehicle

Experts sometimes suggest leaving enough space for two cars between you and the vehicle in front. A more updated standard is to leave about 4 seconds of space between you and whatever’s in front of you. This means that when the car in front of you passes a sign, it should take about 4 seconds for you to then pass by it.

Simple rules of the road seem small on paper but keeping a watchful eye, pausing at stop signs and leaving space on the road can all make big differences in unforeseen situations.