Three Must-see during a small trip to Valencia

Despite the fact that Valencia has the Mediterranean Sea at its feet, the city seems to turn its back on it. Yes, it is true that Valencians enjoy a bath in the Malvarrosa during the many attractions in Spain hot days of the year, but when you walk through the beautiful historic center of Valencia, you do not have the feeling of being doing it in a coastal city.

The best time to visit Valencia would definitely be spring, when the city’s gardens explode in color, the temperature is ideal and the night, with its illuminated buildings, is just the perfect environment for any couple.

Valencia has too many things to do in a single day…Or visit!

As one of Spain’s main touristic destinies, Valencia surely has plenty of options when it comes to entertainment or things to do for its visitors. There are many transfer Valencia services that will help the visitors move around fairly easy at any time, thus making it less frustrating than having to get used to the schedules or routes of the public transportation.

One of the best places to see and visit is Plaza de la virgen. A large number of tourists pass through here every day and some, when the sun goes down and the temperature becomes more pleasant, take the opportunity to have something cool on any of the terraces with views. It is an excellent place to take good photos of the sunset from one of these places.

Another of the most important and beautiful squares to see in Valencia is the City Hall. It is less than five minutes walking from the Virgin and the first thing you see when you get to it is the large white building of the Town Hall, headquarters of the Valencia City Council.

The Bioparc has nothing to do with a zoo. And whoever suggests something like that is that they have never visited it. It is an educational center in which the animals are cared for by great professionals who love their work. In addition, it has a great conservation work, helping, for example, to recover species that have been annihilated in the wild, as is the case of the Mhorr’s gazelle whose last specimens in the wild became extinct in North Africa.

At the Bioparc Valencia you will find meaning in the concept of zoo immersion while you walk through its four natural spaces: savanna, wetlands, equatorial forest and Madagascar.