These Symptoms Are The Remainder To See A Gynaecologist

When it comes to discussing sexual and reproductive illnesses, people often turn out very shy. They feel, people judge them and think it as some incapability. One should be very clear about this: a gynaecologist has a quality experience to listen to such health issues and provide possible medication for the sooner recovery. 

Instead, you are unable to come out of your hesitation; then, you can use online doctor consultation to openly share everything and get the possible medication. There could be a possibility that your gynaecologist requests you to perform some physical test, to know the exact cause. 

Going further to this post, we would understand the important health situation that you must discuss with the gynaecologist in Kolkata or the city you live in. 

Painful Periods: 

Menstrual periods usually come with a lot of pain for most women. Crams, breast soreness, and backpain are just a few of the most common menstruation symptoms. However, for some women, menstruation brings unbearable pain, leading to frequent vomiting, fever, and other worsen feelings. 

Such feelings are not normal, and this is the sign to urgently see a gynaecologist in Kolkata or the city you live in. 

Vaginal Odor: 

The medical issues related to the vagina are always brought uncomfortable feeling. However, a woman must discuss the issue with the doctor. There are some signs like the foul or fishy smell from the vaginal discharge. Very frequent vaginal discharge could be the sign of some potential disease. 

Talk to the doctor. Do not shy away; it would only increase the medical issue.

Swelling bumps:

Noticing a growth in your vagina can seem worrisome. It could be because of ingrown hair, a pimple, a cut from shaving, or possibly something more concerning. It is rare to see the swelling on your bumps, but it is important to have your doctor perform an examination when you feel something. 

Your doctor would perform the necessary tests and advise you with suitable medicine, exercise, and diet. 

Sexual discomfort: 

Women often feel different issues in their vagina. It could be white discharge, vaginal dryness, pain during sex, etc. It is important to discuss the unhealthy sign with a specialized medical expert. 

You may hesitate to discuss with the male doctor, so you could choose to consult with a female gynaecologist. Usually, women like to see a female gynaecologist every time they feel some problem. 

Concern Libido:  

Having a low libido is more common than many women realize, it is essential to speak with your gynaecologist to discover the cause of your concern. 

Libido can sometimes be affected by the medication you take, or it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition or a side effect of a known condition. 

Final Thought: 

Proper exercise, a healthy diet, and regular follow up with the gynaecologist in Kolkata, or the city you live in is necessary for a healthy life. 

Above mentioned health issues must be discussed with the gynaecologist, and ensure perfect sexual and productive health.