Theme Park Maintenance Software!

What is Amusement Park Maintenance?

Theme park or amusement park maintenance entails preventive and planned maintenance. Amusement parks, zoos, and water parks have a singular responsibility of safeguarding stages, enclosures, and other places serving the public. Well-operated amusement parks carry out detailed maintenance in the off-season and regular protective maintenance during the open season. Every amusement park should fully utilize computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software in its operations.

Amusement parks, zoos, theme parks and city operated water parks all need maintenance management to uphold a safe and professional operation for its guests. Rides, animal enclosures, and other equipment require regular protective maintenance. During the off-season, amusement park maintenance actually builds up as rebuild and tear-down takes place and tool control and parts inventories become important factors in retaining costs. Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is custom-made to address these vital issues for amusement parks, theme parks and other related facilities.

Amusement Park Maintenance Management software is designed to decrease risk contact and impromptu downtime. The software offers theme parks and amusement park protective maintenance to plan inspections, maintenance, and work orders. The CMMS application is filled with safety compliance and preventive maintenance features to optimize equipment uptime and restrict accidents and dangerous conditions. Amusement Park maintenance using CMMS protects all assets starting from restrooms, infrastructure, mega-rides, buildings, electrical motors, and plumbing.

Five Vital Reasons to Utilize Amusement Park Maintenance CMMS

  1. Increase Customer Experience (CX)– CMMS maintenance management software makes sure that critical infrastructure is in top condition when guests are within the property. This refers to equipment and assets such as HVAC, buildings, electric motors, vehicles, and plumbing.
  2. Increase Profitability– Theme and amusement park maintenance management software that is implemented properly will notably improve your business’ bottom line by:
    • Instantly reducing operational costsin various ways. The software will raise equipment uptime necessary in delivering safe and high-quality entertainment. It will also lessen stockroom inventory by eradicating ordering speculation.
    • Immediate increase in maintenance productivity through improved work planning and preparation that increases staff efficiency and ensures customer and safety issues are swiftly resolved or even forestalled.
  3. Eradicate Safety Hazards– Your property should have regular vigilance concerning staff and guest safety. Amusement park maintenance software is intended to help in monitoring safety issues at the workplace such as falls and slips, structural hazards, air-borne pathogens, mold, mildew, and occupational anxiety due to factors such as unbalanced individual planning.
  4. Broad Asset Tracking– Amusement and theme park maintenance software is purposely designed with your park operations in consideration. The software enables collection and storage of data to generate comprehensive reports on all assets from inventories, rides, and computers.


Amusement park maintenance is undertaken by skilled maintenance technicians. Such technicians are trained by ITI College where they acquire excellent amusement park maintenance skills. Our programs are available at