The The Real Strengths And Weaknesses Of Online Learning – You Should Know These (Parents and Students)

Online classes or online schooling has been a new alternative to face-to-face classes since the pandemic started. Instead of an academic freeze, which stops all academic activities and curriculums, schools have adjusted to adapting the online class strategy. With this sudden shift and adaptation to a new approach in teaching and learning, there are a lot of adjustments made. The shift in an online class and online learning also has its strengths and weaknesses. Some schools like the fee have decreased to help alleviate the stress of parents and students that lost jobs and a part of their household income due to the lockdown and loss of employment. To discuss further, here are some of the strengths and weaknesses brought by the shift in online learning.

  1. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Pace

The main strength of this is that teachers can post and send lesson plans, modules, activities, and exams anytime. At the same time, students can also open these links in pdf formats or word formats accessible thru mobile phones anytime, anywhere, and at any pace. This is beneficial for students that don’t have enough time in accessing these files, they can do it all at once in one day or during their free time.

The weakness in this is that it also promotes procrastination and laziness. Files are accessible at any time and any day which gives them a reason to do it later or at another time. To combat this, they should be given a specific deadline. Especially for senior high school Bicol that needs a synchronous class meeting unlike the tertiary level of education that does not need many synchronous classes.

  1. Cheaper

The utilization of personal electronic gadgets to attend classes, perform activities, and send files lessens the need to use school facilities. Which is also decreased each student’s tuition fee. It is part of the miscellaneous fee in the tuition fee breakdown. The school uses this to pay for the bills and repairs of the buildings and all other facilities used on the campus.

Its weakness is that the miscellaneous fee is only a small portion of the total tuition fee of each student. And not all courses offered with online learning can be guaranteed a cheaper tuition fee. This is also due to the high demand for payment for the instructors and professors.

  1. Less Social Interaction

Due to the pandemic, social interaction and face-to-face meetings have been limited and reduced. This has pushed schools to turn to online teaching and learning. This also helps keep them safe in their own homes while being able to learn and educate others. There is no need to enter bicol university to attend classes.

The downside of this is that not everyone’s accessible to the internet due to area restriction, poor/no internet connection or they are unable to provide a budget for their needs to enter online classes.

  1. Levelled Learning

Online classes can lessen the time needed to prepare for the day. You can attend your class right after you wake up or while you’re still in your bed. During class, everyone is at the same level, access to learning materials anytime, anywhere; except during synchronous meetings.

The disadvantage of this is that not all students have the same learning capability and capacity. They all learn at their own pace and in their own way.

Final Word

Online classes are a lot of work for teachers or professors because they need to pay close attention to their students, when they pass their class requirements, how good or bad they are doing, and if they’re truly learning. Like in the UST Center for Continuing Education where they focus on the excellence of their students and the quality of teaching.