The Oxidation Choices And Your Ageing Slower

The term Oxidation means something to everyone. When iron oxidises, iron oxide is formed that we popularly call rusting. Even if you cut a pear or apple into pieces and let it rest for half an hour, brown spots start to form. About the same goes for our body. If oxidation occurs, we age. This can be seen on the outside on wrinkles or pigmentation spots, for example. But various diseases are also lurking due to oxidation. This process is accelerated when we live an unhealthy lifestyle. Protect your body against oxidation as much as possible.

What does oxidation mean for our body?

Metabolic processes take place to continuously supply our cells, organs and tissues with energy. We age by the formation of free radicals or small aggressive particles that can cause a lot of damage. These harmful particles are created, desired or undesired, in all oxidation processes in our body. The formation of these free radicals in our body can be the result of, among other things:

  • the immune system
  • normal cell division
  • the detoxification system

Our metabolism slows down around the age of 30. This happens all by itself. If you let your body do its thing and do nothing to speed up your metabolism, you will get wrinkles over the years, you will become firmer, in short, you will look older.

Because our body is regularly exposed to radiation, air pollution, (heavy) metals and synthetic additives to food, free radicals are also formed.

Do you also help to slow down your metabolism by, for example, smoking, incorrect diet, little exercise, excessive sunlight and a lot of stress, you accelerate aging, resulting in a greater chance of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Basically, physical aging is a result of free radical damage. Our skin becomes less elastic as we age due to damage to the connective tissue (collagen). There make use of the nmn powder in this case.

How can oxidation be prevented?

Antioxidants are needed to combat oxidation (the formation of free radicals). Sounds very logical and it actually is. Simply put, antioxidants are molecules that can prevent other molecules from oxidizing. They stop the domino effect that the free radicals have caused. Now our body also produces antioxidants, so-called antioxidant enzymes. However, the production of these enzymes decreases as we age.


Yet our own cells must be stimulated to stay alert. For this we need free radicals. In that case, certain proteins are produced by our body that protects us against it. Important antioxidants that we make ourselves are SOD (super oxide dismutase), gluthathione peroxide and catalase. A healthy body makes enough of this. It is therefore important to keep it healthy. To keep this system strong, it is not necessary to take in antioxidants through supplements. This could even be counterproductive because they are not comparable to our body’s own antioxidant system.