The new era of family camping tents


Camping has been one of the favorite pastimes from childhood for many of us. From playing yard games with our parents all day long to roasting marshmallows in an open fire, to listen to their childhood camping stories, it was all fun. And now as adults, when we want to spend some quality time together with our kids, taking the entire family out for camping is the best possible way of doing that.

Now if you want your whole family to have a great time so that they keep coming back, you will require the right camping gear for it. And yes here the main gear for family camping, i.e. the tent shall be considered. For a family camping, you need to ensure that the tent is big and comfortable enough for the whole family. You can get these large tents that come in all shapes and sizes to fit 4 to 12 individuals. You also get massive tents that have room dividers and multiple doors, but these are quite heavy and take up a lot of cargo space. Then there are smaller ones, which are easier to set up and won’t consume much space.

Well, in this new era of family camping, every type of tent you look for has its pros and cons. And therefore you must consider each of them before picking up the best one. Given below is the breakdown of a few of the best family camping tent features that will help you choose the best one.

Overall family camping tents

If you like to go out with your family camping pretty often, then the four or six-person version of good quality overall camping tent would be the best option for you. Apart from being spacious, the overall camping tent is weatherproof and waterproof as well. Most of the time, such a tent has a double-wall construction that makes it very durable. The main disadvantage of such an overall family camping tent is the high price tag which becomes even higher when you look for details like dark rest designs, vestibules, etc. 

Budget family camping tents

A healthy number of people go out camping with family during the summertime when all conditions are good. Well if you belong to such a cult, then a budget-friendly family camping tent is the best one for you. You can get it in a capacity ranging from 2 persons to 6 persons with a peak height of about 72 inches. The main disadvantage of a budget tent is the questionable build quality and durability. 

Family camping tent for cold and rough weather

If you and your family are avid campers and enjoy camping in cold and rough weather, then there are family camping tents made just for you. You can select from room capacity from 4 to 8 persons. Such a family camping tent is usually made of tough fabrics to withstand brutal wind, rain, and snow, and so is a good build for 4-season camping adventures with the family. The main disadvantage of this type of tent is its bulkiness.

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