The Innovation Of Cheese Sauce With Pure Dairy – There Isn’t Just Yellow Cheese Sauce.

Cheese sauce – a beautiful food that makes every dish even more delicious. The popularity of cheese sauce has grown tremendously in the past few years. Even though cheese sauce has been around for years, it is no longer that same as it used to be. The flavour, colour, and uses of cheese sauce are continuously evolving.

The more popular cheese saucesare yellow and white cheese sauces. There are few differences between them. The first being the colour – in yellow cheese sauce, the plant-based food colouring called annatto is added, making the cheese sauce yellow, but it does not really affect the taste of the cheese sauce. Annatto does have a little nutty and sweet peppery taste, but when it is mixed with cheese sauce, the taste of annatto cannot be detected.

It is also said that when the cheddar is aged, it slowly becomes orange in colour – hence the sauce made with aged cheddar becomes yellow.

Although both white and yellow cheese sauce is prepared using melted cheese as the main ingredient, there are some differences. The cheese used to make white cheese sauce is usually hard; that’s why white cheese sauce is sometimes known as a hard cheese sauce. Whereas cheese used to make yellow cheese sauce is soft.

The main difference between the two is that soft cheese is broken down and melted during the heating process, while hard cheese is not. The white cheese sauce is thicker and creamy because of the addition of starch. The yellow cheese sauce is smoother because it is beaten after melting.

Most people say both kinds of cheese taste the same; however, yellow cheese sauce is well-known and more popular People often find yellow and other coloured cheese sauces more appealing than the white ones.

If you are looking for the best possible cheese sauces for your restaurant, then Pure Dairy has two amazing cheese sauces – a yellow cheese sauce and a white cheese sauce.

Pure Dairy white cheese sauce is the smoothest and creamiest cheddar sauce on the Australian market. It has an authentic cheddar flavour because they use real cheddar cheese in their sauces, unlike some other cheese sauce manufacturers. Also, Pure Dairy white cheese sauce does not have any powdery aftertaste.

On the other hand, Pure Dairy Anita Cheese Sauce (yellow cheese) has an authentic American flavour that is perfect for burgers, sandwich, nachos and loaded fries.

Generally, in cafés and restaurants, we see yellow and white cheese sauce, but the colour of cheese sauce is not limited to these two. These days’ people add food colours to their cheese sauces to make them colourful, like green for St. Patrick’s Day and pink & blue for a baby shower, and there are a lot of other options.

Whether you are a restaurant owner or caterer, you must try Pure Dairy cheese sauces. These sauces are free from nasty additives and preservatives and long-lasting. To buy the best yellow and white cheese sauces in Australia, contact Pure Dairy now, and they will get back to you with the additional details about the distributors near you.