The garden planning guide: price, services and comparison

A garden is a real living space outside the house. It is essential to optimize its layout to make it a place that is both practical and aesthetic, and so that it can fully fulfill its function as a place of relaxation, pleasure, leisure and well-being.

But for this, it is better to call on the skills of a landscaper. Recourse to the services of a professional is a guarantee of quality. He is in the best position to bring your ideas to life and bring your project to life in accordance with your expectations and requirements.

It should also not be forgotten that the landscaping of the garden is a technical and artistic work. The landscaper creates volumes, draws lines of flight, etc. And at the same time, it must forecast the evolution of your garden for the different seasons and over the years.

How much could the landscaping of a garden cost? Find out everything you need to know about the budget to plan for a garden in 2018.

What are the parameters that influence the price of garden landscaping?

In general, the overall cost of a garden landscaping varies depending on a set of factors.

The main strictures to be considered are:

  • The surface of the land;
  • The choice of plants;
  • Garden constructions;
  • The complexity of the implementation;
  • The choice of the landscaper…
  • The surface of the land

The plantings and the soil necessary to obtain a beautiful garden are proportional to the area of your land. Thus, the larger your land, the greater their quantity. Their cost will depend essentially on the size of the plants, the accesses and the missions which will be entrusted to them.

The choice of plants

The choice of plants directly influences the style of your garden, the success of the landscaping and the amount of your budget. Depending on the planting season, the plants are worth the same price. In addition, the price of the same plant can vary from single to double. It is also necessary to take into account the litrage that is to say if the subject is narrower, more fleshed out, etc.

Garden constructions

The cost of aménagement jardin will fluctuate if you decide to make constructions such as a garden shed, a pergola, landscaped masonry works, etc. These constructions are optional, but decorate your garden, bring an aesthetic supplement to your exterior and improve your comfort.

The complexity of the implementation

As everyone has their tastes and needs in terms of garden design, sites are never the same. In addition, each field has its technical specificities. Thus, the degree of complexity of the implementation of each project is not the same. The size of the trees to be planted, the accessibility of the land, the topography, etc. are all parameters that will determine the time spent on your site and the cost of your landscaping.

The choice of the landscaper

The choice of the landscaper to whom to entrust the study and realization of your project is also one of the main factors influencing the cost of your garden development project. Each professional is free to set their own prices. In general, it is recommended that you hire a landscape architect to take charge of your entire project.