The Finest Firewall Solution For Your Business

For businesses and online ventures, they need to have a strong secured server for their online activity. Just for such needs, the FortiGate 60E is an excellent choice that can immediately secure any given remote space. It offers outstanding protection to the networks in the form of a compact desktop setup to an entire office of a mid-size scale. It has found its place among the highest-selling firewall options in the world with over 1.5 million units sold all over the world.

Why Is Fortigate 60 An Excellent Choice?

The FortiGate 60 server is among the first firewall systems to incorporate the Fortinet firewall which was also later added into the infrastructure of the Fortinet Security Fabric. These firewalls have a SoC3 architecture which plays a key role in boosting the network performance a lot higher. The firewall acts as a form of Unified Threat Management platform which is capable of delivering excellent support for wired as well as wireless networking within a medium-sized organization.

The system consists of dual-band and dual-stream wireless integrated antennas which come built-in and offer fast connection wirelessly. It also comes with USB ports in the rear end where 3G and 4G USB modems can be connected to offer additional WAN connectivity.

What Are The Technical Specifications Of The Firewall?

The FortiGate 60E happens to be a comparatively older firewall solution. But when it put into comparison with it its newer version competitors, it still has a strong lead as a primary network firewall for small business.

  • The Firewall Throughput ranges to 10GBps
  • The IPS throughput of the firewall is around 1.4GBps
  • The NGFW and SSL VPN throughputs range at 1GBps and 900Mbps respectively.
  • It can handle 700,000 Concurrent Sessions
  • With the ability to 35,000 new connections per second, the latency of the firewall is 4µ

What Are The Features Of The Firewall?

The features are:

  • The firmware offers cloud management which facilitates easy administration
  • The security and network provided to the small businesses is consolidated
  • UTM can be deployed with flexibility
  • It has the capability of offering wide-ranging switching and routing along with high performance.
  • The firewall offers 200 Mbps threat protection with a compliance checklist that comes predefined
  • It used dynamic analysis which helps in detecting unknown attacks and in turn, protects against targeted attacks.
  • It is also effective in offering strong protection against malicious websites, malware as well as exploited contents. The help of threat intelligence that is consistently provided by FortiGuard Labs security services makes it an excellent choice.
  • It has been tested and validated to offer the best performance security effectiveness.