The Different Types of Podcasts You Can Start Today

Among the top audio formats in the modern era, the world has started to lean on the comforts of conversational audio. The number of people who started listening to podcasts is about 424 million worldwide.

From sharing talk shows on cooking to hearing personal storytelling, the possibilities are endless with what you can listen to in a podcast. As such, there are different types of podcasts.

Are you keen on learning more about the world of podcasting? Then keep reading below to understand the different podcast styles and how to start this new industry.

Types of Podcasts With Interviews

This type of podcast involves interviewing people on a specific topic. For example, you could interview experts on the subject or people with exciting stories to share. It could be a celebrity or someone that fits the theme of your brand.

You can work with a podcasting agency when starting a podcast to expand your resources. They can help in finding people to interview as well as in your editing and advertising.

Conversational Podcasts

They are chats between two or more people and are easy to produce. All you need is a microphone and a recording device.

If you want to start a conversational podcast, you’ll need to decide on a format and find some co-hosts. You can have guests on your show, or you can have a conversation with friends. Once you have a few episodes recorded, you’ll need to upload them to a hosting platform to give access to your audience.

Podcasts With Monologues

These are podcast genres that are considered one-person shows. These podcasts usually focus on a specific topic, and the host will talk about that topic for the entire episode.

Monologue podcasts are great for people who want to share their knowledge or opinions on a particular subject.

Storytelling or Investigative Podcasts

Storytelling podcasts usually focus on a specific theme or story, and each episode is like a new chapter in that story. On the other hand, investigative podcasts tend to focus on a single issue or topic, and each episode is like a new piece of the puzzle.

Both types of podcasts can be engaging and addictive, so it depends on what you’re interested in.

Roundtable Podcasts

In a roundtable podcast, a group of people comes together to discuss a particular topic. It can be a great way to get different perspectives on an issue and be fun.

If you’re thinking about starting a roundtable podcast, you need to choose a group of people interested in the same topic and with something to contribute to the discussion. Make sure everyone is comfortable speaking on the podcast, and you must come up with some good questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Theatrical Podcasts

A theatrical podcast is one in which the podcast hosts put on a show, complete with characters, sound effects, and music. Think of it like an audio play.

Choose a Topic You Are Passionate About

There are many different types of podcasts you can start today. You can choose to podcast about your favorite hobby or create a podcast to share your knowledge on a particular topic. You can also start a podcast to interview interesting people or to tell stories.

If you’re unsure where to start, try listening to some of your favorite podcasts and see what kinds of podcasts you like. Once you know what you want to podcast about, start planning and recording your episodes. Remember to have fun and be creative!

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