The Comeback of Marked Cards


According to the Chinese, 2013 was the year of the serpent. From a game security perspective, you could have called it the year of marked cards. An uncommonly wide variety of unfaithful cases entailing marked cards struck the news in 2014. Amongst them was the apprehension of high account Las Vegas bettor Archie Karas. One more player was detained in two States as well as labeled a “cheater of serial card” by the media. Two dealers in a marked East Coastline gambling enterprise were implicated as well as were charged with noting cards for players on a baccarat game.

So, the world is on the brink of a marked card zombie apocalypse, or do we neglect the entire thing such as the guy from Korea that sang the “Gangnam Style?”

Before I use to handle this, let’s start with a little point of view. 

  • Card noting isn’t new. If there were a Mount Rushmore of dishonesty techniques, it would be Abraham Lincoln. It’s constantly been a threat in table games as well as till we make table games electronic; it constantly will. 
  • There are a billion ways to note cards. However, lately, some amazing stuff has actually emerged. The modern technologies are letting cheater to go wild with their innovative imaginations.
  • Card noting is not difficult to detect when your staff focus.

Card Marking Isn’t new

There is a great deal of information available on how to note cards. A great deal of it is created for Chris Angel would-be, burnt-out college students, as well as wise individuals who like to cheat their friends in private online poker games using Poker scanner cheat. In a gambling establishment setting, it’s a little tough to escape it regardless of how the authors of such details may imply. However, signs are that it might be getting less complicated.


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