The Best Look With the Best Colors on the Nails

The hands are indicative of the importance a woman places on her appearance. The choice of varnish is therefore essential to finish your look. We wear it, sometimes we leave it for several weeks before thinking about changing it. What does your favorite color of nail polish and the type of texture you choose reveal about your personality? Experts speak out in

Pearl pink for a professional look

A pale pink is the ultimate mat. This nail polish color is perfect for the office, seasons and special occasions, all while showing off a look that’s both clean and appropriate. Wearing a pearl color indicates that you place a high value on professionalism and strive to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

Red for a classic and glamorous look

Red nail polish signals to others that you are confident and ready to stand out. Opt for a shade with orange tones in summer and burgundy tones in winter. Are you fond of bright colors? Red remains a classic that can also be worn at the office.

White nail polish means you are open minded

White hairspray could not be more refreshing in summer, while it provides a classic look in winter. Wearing this color indicates that you value your appearance. If white nail polish becomes your go-to color, know that a white manicure requires a lot of maintenance.

Clear, sheer colored nail polish means “I’m okay, but I’m busy”

Sometimes it’s better to be naked than to wear crackle varnish. A light, transparent color signals that you care about how you look and pay attention to detail, but you’re pressed for time.

Artistic designs spark creativity

A bold manicure means that you are not afraid to take risks and that you value your individuality. This manicure requires time and maintenance … In this sense, such a manicure also shows that you are ready to spend a lot of time in the salon!

Tones of sapphire, emerald and amethyst: originality and openness

Sapphire blue, emerald green and amethyst mauve are particularly trendy tones and demonstrate a touch of originality and openness. If they seem too shiny for your nails, try them on your toes.

Neon tones: freedom and spontaneity

If you work in a conservative, or somewhat formal, environment, keep neon colors for your vacations and downtime. Playful and youthful, bright colors are risky at work and can clash with the more classic look of your look.

Use neutral shades for low maintenance

Neutral tones give off a beautiful and refined allure, while marrying wonderfully with a sober look. Shades of beige and cream are, by far, a modern, updated take on pearl pink.

Black to bring out the femme fatale in you

Like black clothing that inspires power and authority, a dark polish demonstrates that you are someone who evokes credibility. For a more subdued color, try navy blue or gray. These two colors give a neat look and go well with almost any room in your wardrobe.