The Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide an excellent solution for any building manager looking to improve security. They make it easy to allow authorized personnel access while simultaneously excluding unwanted visitors.

While it’s true that installing a high-quality system requires an investment, the benefits of access control make the upgrade well worth the money spent. Read on to find out how.

Make Significant Security Enhancements

Both traditional keys and newer electronic versions come with some serious security loopholes. They can both be stolen or lent out and used by unauthorized people to access locked areas. Access control systems use a combination of security video and biometric screening to ensure that only those people who are supposed to have access to a building or area of a building can get in.

Eliminate Hassles with Traditional Keys

It used to be the case that the only way to allow access to some people but exclude others was to offer authorized personnel keys. Traditional keys pose some serious security problems, though, which makes them unsuitable for modern facilities.

If just one keyholder among many loses track of a key, it means the entire system of locks must be replaced, costing the facility owner a lot of money. High-tech digital keys can reduce those costs since all it takes to resolve the problem is reformatting the lock and keys, but access control systems go one step further. After all, no one can lose their biometric data.

Simplify Day-to-Day Security Operations

The security teams at large facilities typically have a lot of responsibilities to deal with. Spending unnecessary amounts of time checking in staff members and their authorized guests will only compound the problem, often making it necessary to hire additional security staff. Investing in an access control system will reduce the workload for anyone tasked with managing employee and guest access.

The benefit isn’t just that security guards don’t have to wait on forgetful employees who can’t find their keys. With the most comprehensive access control systems, they won’t even have to leave the control room to open the door. The employee offers biometric credentials while the security guard simultaneously watches on a video feed. The door can then be opened remotely. Even helping authorized guests sign in is easier with an access control system.

Easily Track Who Enters and Exits the Facility

Using an access control system makes it simple to keep track of who enters and exits the facility. The camera footage also provides a video trail for both security personnel and, if necessary, the local authorities. Having access to this information can make incident response much more straightforward.

Find the Right Vendor

Not all access control systems provide the same benefits. Find a vendor that uses the newest technologies and supplies a range of solutions for different types of facilities. It’s the best way to ensure that every facility’s security team gets the customized help it needs to make improvements to the current access system without compromising the team’s efficiency and efficacy. That way, everyone wins except potential intruders.