Tesamorelin Peptide for Improving GHRH and Muscle Mass

A Canadian Company formulated Tesamorelin for treating the side effects of HIV antiretroviral therapy. The HIV patient’s body starts accumulating fat in their abdomen and the tesamorelin drug effectively reduces it. Tesamorelin is a man-made version of natural GHRH or Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone that helps in weight loss.

Users have claimed online that Tesamorelin works efficiently in reducing body fat, builds muscle mass, enhances GHRH, and decreases the plaque in the carotid artery. It has even helped senior citizens to enhance their cognitive functions and sleep pattern.

In the US, the FDA has approved it for treating lipodystrophy in HIV patients. However, the athlete and gym geeks noticed how Tesamorelin rips the body, its popularity skyrocketed. However, it is not legal for use as a dietary supplement or cosmetics. Nevertheless, researchers can legally buy tesamorelin online from a reliable source like Core Peptides. They stringently adhere to the quality control procedures, which can help their customers in the research industry get accurate results.

What is Tesamorelin?

Tesamorelin acetate is a manmade peptide hormone. Peptides are amino-acid chains that create protein. Peptides influence your body to enhance its growth hormone production. Growth hormone helps in developing and repairing body tissues. It is involved in every process that includes new muscle creation, torn tissue repair, and break down fats. The more GH in the body, the faster body can regenerate and repair itself.

When you are young there is a lot of GH and declines steadily as you grow older. This is the main reason people feel tired as they start growing elderly. Tesamorelin and GHRH signal your pituitary glands to generate more HGH to regain the GH level back to what it was when you were young. Therefore users claim they feel young and energetic after an intense workout.

What is the structure of Tesamorelin?

The chemical structure of Tesamorelin includes 44 amino-acid chains and a trans-3-hexenoic acid group. When both get mixed the peptide works quickly with high intensity. The trans-3-hexenoic acid group is more stable as well as more potent than the natural GHRH without any compromise on the effects.

If you are thinking whether trans-3-hexenoic is safe to ingest then it is. It plays the role of plant metabolite and helps in overall metabolism procedure. It is the reason why users claim that the effects of Tesamorelin last longer than Ipamorelin, CJC 1295, and Sermorelin.

How does Tesamorelin work?

Natural GHRH gets produced in your hypothalamus. The synthetic peptide stimulates pituitary glands, which release the GHRH. The hormone works on your endocrine system and promotes lipolysis. It is a process, where the two kinds of fat – lipids and triglycerides get broken down. Generally, both get stored in your body for later use. A high level of lipids and triglycerides can increase heart disease risk.

According to research on patients struggling with HIV-associated lipodystrophy, Tesamorelin reduces viscera fat surrounding the abdomen by 17% within 26 weeks. Another trial documented that it even decreases fat buildup around the liver by 18%.

The less known tesamorelin benefits are that it enhances cognitive function according to a study conducted on people between 56 to 87 years. So, a person can benefit from reducing their stubborn visceral fat as well as improve their cognitive functions taking tesamorelin. Besides, it has shown fewer side effects than any other synthetic GHRH.

Tesamorelin side effects

Peptides are safe, but some temporary side effects users come across are –

  • Sweating
  • Irritation, redness, and swelling at the site you got injected
  • Mild itchiness
  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain

It can interact with certain medications, so discuss with your doctor before using it. Even pregnant women need to avoid it. Tesamorelin also increases IGF-1, so diabetic or pre-diabetic patients need to consult their doctor. If you are recommended tesamorelin, then make sure to use proper dosage!