Techniques To Serve Badminton Like A Champion

Badminton serving means starting a new game that can help you to play efficiently against your opponent. Serving means focusing on your play and correcting the method, and becoming a champion of your game. Now it’s the time to pay attention and become a pro or a winner in badminton. How to serve badminton (วิธีเสิร์ฟลูกแบดมินตัน. which is the term in Thai) like a champion is a big question mark. What are the techniques to become a champion are given below?

Techniques To Serve Badminton 

There are various techniques that you should know before proceeding forward. If you are a beginner and want to learn the method to serve badminton, then have a look below.

  • Mastering

To become a champion, you need to master the basics. Always try to hit the centre of the shuttlecock; by practising this technique, You can become a champion. You can practice this with your hands also.

  • Hitting The Top

Benefit the speed and height that comes from the shuttle by hitting the shuttle at the top. In this way, you can control the position of the shuttle. Never wait for the shuttle to come close to you, although it can lose height and momentum.

  • Return To The Middle.

After hitting the shuttle, make sure to return to the court’s middle. Standing in the middle while moving your feet will prepare you for the next shot. You are now ready for the “position of readiness” position.

  • Towards Back Line

As you hit the shuttle towards the back line, it requires strength and precision. It will help your opponent shuffle backward and hit the shuttle with the same force, and it will return to your shot. 

  • Practice Footwork

Always remember that success is all in the footwork. If you are flat-footed between the court, you will not be able to return to your shot immediately. Always stay on your toe, move your foot up and down and wait for the next attempt. In short, we can say always keep your feet in tiny motion until the next shot is about to come.

  • Never Give Up

The never give up attitude will help you to hit the shuttle and will never keep you down with negative thoughts. Always try to hit the shuttle without giving up.

Bottom Line

These are the few techniques to become a champion in the badminton court. Never give up attitude is a must if you want to experience and become a champion in the badminton field. Now it’s the time to wake up and practice according to the techniques provided.