Taking care of your skin the right way!

Skin care is very important, and equally important is to know the skin care basic principles. Taking care of the skin entails following in on the tiered skin care regimen, as devised by experts. The time of the day, products to be used, order of use, are all very vital and need to be taken into account for a glowing and healthy skin. 

 Following are the 7 steps, in order, that are vital for a well formulated skin care: 


Cleansing is first step in the skin care routine, as it removes all the grim and the bacteria present on the skin. It is always advised to use mild cleansers as the strong ones strip off the oils from the skin. This in turn makes the skin look dry and dull. Also, when skin get very dry, oil glands go in an overdrive to overcome the loss. However, choose the cleanser also considering your skin type.  

Water temperature is also crucial when cleansing face. Do not wash your face with scalding water, no matter how good it feels during the cold winters. Keep to lukewarm water as hot water too, leeches the oils from the skin. If you think that your cleanser is not doing its job, or you have any skin condition like acne that requires special care, consult the best dermatologist in Lahore to find the right product. 


Cleansing should be followed by toning. Here too, the choice of product is imperative. Everyone has a different skin type, so choose the product based on your skin’s temperament. Expert opinion is split over the use of toners; some consider them vital whereas others are more blasé about their use. 

However, toning can be considered as a vital step in the skin care regimen, as toners help to make the skin more receptive to the beauty treatments. They also help in removing the impurities on the skin.  If your skin is fine without it, it’s great, but, for others, it can make a huge difference. 

Essentially, the principle behind toners is to fix the pH of the skin, making it more likely to absorb moisturizer and other good products used on it. They thus keep the skin hydrated and supple. The more efficient types of skin toners contain; Alpha and beta hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and C. 

There are many natural products that can be used as a toner. Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular choice. Similarly, green tea, aloe vera etc. are also deemed as good natural toners. 


Serums play an important role in target-treatment. Choose your serums with regards to your skin ailments; some want spot treatment, others want age-treatment. For a general overall care, pick a serum packed with antioxidants so that your skin gets plenty of nutrients. 


A well hydrated skin is a healthy skin. Moisturizers are rich of good nutrients for the skin, so in a way they preempt protective care from the dirt and pollution that are to be sustained during the day. 

While some people prefer cream-based products, others find oils better. Choose whatever suits your skin type.

Eye Cream, if needed

Not everyone needs an eye cream. Use one if you suffer from problems like puffiness around the eyes, dark circles, wrinkles etc. Be sure to apply the eye cream very gently; the skin around the eyes is very delicate, and a heavy hand might damage the vessels, leading to even more and darker eye circles. 

Sunscreen in the morning 

An important part of the daytime skin care is using sunscreen. Apply it at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Sun causes a lot of damage to the skin, from fine lines to cancer, and so protection cannot be skimped on. 

Sunscreen also needs to have adequate SPF –experts recommend at least 30 –and be broad spectrum to protect against all ultraviolet radiations. 

Nighttime care

The nighttime skin care routine is pretty much the same, minus the sunscreen. Some people also prefer using night creams to have better skin. You can confer with the best dermatologist in Karachi if there is any need for such creams.